Philadelphia Fusion sign Tobi, one of the greatest support players in the Overwatch League

With Overwatch League 2021 kicking off soon on April 17th, teams are now finishing up transfers to maximize their chances for glory. Movement has been spotted in Philadelphia Fusion’s roster with the previous changes being Rascal & HOTBA and earlier today they sign Tobi as well.

The scene for Overwatch League has not been as exciting as it once used tobe , with a lot of top tier players like babybay, corey etc retiring from the game. But things have changed and with Overwatch 2 just over the horizon, Blizzard have taken up the necessary steps and announced multiple events for their 2021 timeline.

Philadelphia Fusion is one of the strongest teams in the Overwatch league and have finished the majority of the 2020 events in the top 2. With the likes of Poko, Eqo and Carpe they are a force to be reckoned with. In preparation for the upcoming season of Overwatch League, they have been revamping their roster.

Jinmo “tobi” Yang, is a South-Korean Overwatch player who is mainly known for his Support heroes. His signature hero is Lucio and his Lucio plays are well known throughout the Overwatch League. In the professional scene, he initially took the spotlight as a part of Lunatic-Hai in 2017. He was also the World Champion in the Overwatch World cup in the same year.

With Overwatch League 2021 scheduled to start on April 17th as well as May Melee scheduled to start the month after we will be able to see new and improved roster of Philadelphia Fusion.

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