Phil Spencer Congratulates Code Vein on Reaching One Million Copies Worldwide

Code Vein reaches one million copies worldwide

Code Vein reached one million copies sold worldwide. Xbox head Phil Spencer congratulated the team behind Code Vein on their success on Twitter.

Code Vein launched back on September 27, 2019, receiving a look warm reception. Everyone dubbed the game as a Dark Souls alternative for Anime fans. People are kind of right to title it as such it was a souls-like game with Anime inspired characters.

Code Vein’s reception as mentioned was not what the team behind Code vein was looking for. With enough updates, the game did become financially successful.

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Phil Spencer on Code Vein

Phil Spencer congratulated the team on their dedication towards the title. The game has a free demo on steam right now so anyone interested in a souls-like game can give it a try.

Anime Dark Souls

Anyone who heard of this game probably came across the description as Anime Dark souls are quite right in this case. The game is definitely less difficult for beginners than other souls-like games. It has a very positive review on Steam.

Its strength lies in its character customization with a bit of anime-inspired art style. Difficulty can also be scaled up or down in the new game plus. The game really focuses more on the modern RPG design approach rather than copying all the design elements from Dark Souls.

If you are a fan of the Souls-like genre of games but often find it too difficult then this game is a good entry point for sure. BANDAI NAMCO seems to have their back behind this one since release.

With the success of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, another Souls-like title it is pretty obvious that single players’ game inspired by that particular genre is still viable.

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