Phantom vs Vandal preference across VALORANT Masters stage 1 revealed

Ashraful Abedin
By Ashraful Abedin
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Image via topradiant

Even though VALORANT features a multitude of special abilities, the core of the game still revolves around gunfights. Among VALORANT’s arsenal, two rifles that stand out the most are the Phantom and the Vandal.

The Phantom is known for its easier-to-control recoil, larger magazine, and faster rate of fire. Also, it being a silenced gun does not leave behind bullet trails. The Vandal is more known for its 1-shot-headshot kill potential. In a dynamic game like Valorant, the 160 damage kill shot of a Vandal is crucial over the Phantom’s 140 damage at a distance of 15+ meters which is unable to kill a fully armored enemy.

Of the two rifles, almost every player in the VALORANT community has a preference towards one or the other. The players in the professional scene have preferences towards these two rifles as well, be it biased or be it situational. Today, we see the pick rates between the two across all regions in the VCT Stage 1 Masters events.

Image via Sam "Flameserpent" Rosenberg
Image via Sam “Flameserpent” Rosenberg

It seems that the VCT Turkey Masters saw the highest usage of the Vandal. Then was Europe, CIS followed by Japan and LATAM. VCT North America Masters was the tournament where we saw a perfectly equal distribution of both guns. Brazil inched towards the Phantom with Korea with the highest pickrate for the Phantom.

Overall, 62,5% of regions preferred the Vandal and 25% of regions preferred the Phantom with one region being a tie. The highest Vandal pick rate was 84% while the highest Phantom pick rate was 61%.

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