PGS: Berlin is postponed due to concern with Coronavirus

Another one bites the dust

PGS Berlin is the newest victim of the Coronavirus outbreak in China. PUBG officially announced that they will postpone the event until any further notice.

Ever since the World Health Organization(WHO) declared the novel Coronavirus to be a global health emergency, many Esports tournament scheduled to be held in China has been postponed or outright canceled.

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PGS postponed

With the recent development of the virus, it is really unlikely to PGS: berlin to organize their tournaments any time soon. While many health experts have assured normal citizen to not panic. The fact still remains that this outbreak is bigger than SARS at this point. Though it is still not nearly as deadly as SARS.

Health experts told the normal population to remain cautious and not to panic. All this outrage in the social media at this point is a bit overexert at this point. WHO, CDC is hard at work to prevent any spread of this virus then it already has.

PUBG is still very much popular in China. Fans will have to wait a bit longer to enjoy this event to go live. Considering the current spread of the virus we can’t blame PUBG Corp for their decision.

In this incident, PUBG Corp has taken the right decision to postpone the event as it is the right thing to do considering the circumstances. PUBG Corp will surely inform us of any advancement.

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