PGL to host CSGO major after 2 years with $2 Million prize pool

PGL is an esports production company situated in Romania. They have been hosting CSGO tournaments since 2015 with the last one being CSGO Asia Championships 2019. This year, they have announced they will host another one.

After a 2 year gap, PGL has finally announced a new major as well as a hefty prize pool. PGL Major Stockholm 2021 will commence on October 23rd. 24 teams will play in 3 stages; The New Challengers stage, The New Legends stage, and The New Champions stage. No further information has been provided yet about the format.

The tournament is planned to be hosted on LAN at Ericcson Globe. Teams are going to be selected from European rankings, North American rankings, South American rankings, Asian rankings, CIS rankings, and Oceanic rankings.

Also, this is going to be the first-ever tournament to be streamed in ultra-high quality. PGL promises buttery smooth 60fps streams at jaw-dropping 4k. This will ensure the viewers the highest quality viewing experience.

Regarding this tournament, PGL CEO Silviu Stroie says: “First of all, my colleagues and I are passionate fans of CS. We grew up and watched this game getting bigger and bigger, just at the same pace as our development as a company. We have timeless memories with our past Counter-Strike shows, and, honestly, we owe a lot to this game, as players, and as a company. We believe that this community deserves the best product this franchise has ever seen. Our goal is to celebrate the game in the best way possible, and we will work hard for this”

If all goes well with the current world situation, fans are definitely excited and looking forward to this tournament.

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