Persona 5 could be coming to Xbox Game Pass and PC

Nioh 2 leaker has pointed out that we might be getting Persona 5 on PC and Xbox.

This year it seems both Xbox and Sony are trying new things with their games and subscriptions. The console war has now shifted from selling exclusive games to subscription services. Furthermore, Sony has released more PC ports for their exclusives. A recent leak also hinted at Game Pass coming to Steam. Persona 5 coming to PC and Xbox could be huge considering how big of a Franchise it has been for Sony.

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Persona 5 Speculation-

Persona 5’s Xbox port was recently teased by an industry insider. It has been one of the highly-rated games of the last generation for Sony. Atlus has kept the Persona series a PS exclusive so far. Although, they are looking to go multiplatform as they recently brought Persona 4 for PC.

CrazyLeaksOnATrain, who was right about Nioh 2 PC port, has given us new information regarding Persona 5. He stated that Persona 5 is coming to PC and Xbox Game Pass on day one. It is a lot to process all at once, but we are trying to keep an open mind since it is the famous Hack and Slash action RPG.

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Persona is one of the biggest Franchises in Japan, and the company making an Xbox port could bring in new audiences to the franchise. It would also be huge for Xbox players as they have been craving to play the RPG. Since the PS2 days, players were dreaming about this series coming to their preferred console.

All of this is still just speculation, and we have to take it with a grain of salt. In conclusion, as fans, we all are optimistic about Persona 5 coming to Xbox and PC, but only time will tell.

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