G2 Pengu considering to retire from Rainbow Six Siege Pro scene next season

Rainbow Six Siege Pro Player, Pengu stated in his recent twitch stream that he is deeply considering to retire from the R6S professional scene.

This statement came from Pengu’s latest Hyper Scape stream, where his chat asked him if he would want to leave the Pro Scene. Pengu replied by saying that he seriously thought about retiring after Fabian officially left G2 Esports and become a full-time streamer.

Niclas “Pengu” Mouritzen mentioned the current state of Rainbow Six Siege was the main reason for his recent frustrations. Right now, there are too many bugs and issues plaguing the game that are also driving away many Siege fans from the casual community. Pengu told his G2 teammates that if these issues aren’t fixed in the new season then he might leave the scene completely. Check out the clip in the post below:

Pengu continued by saying that he and Fabian shared a meme within themselves, where the entire G2 squad should retire after SI 2019. The reason for this was to emphasize the poor state of Siege at that time. But the promises made by the devs led them to continue. Unfortunately, both of them reached this present state where the game is still very unstable for the professional scene.

Pengu: one of the most experienced players in Siege

Pengu currently plays for G2 Esports and is one of the most successful players in Siege’s history. He has won almost every major trophy in Siege Esports, which includes 4x Pro League, 2x Invitational, and 1x Six Major champion. Pengu stated a few years ago that he has over 10k hours in Siege, which surely has increased by a lot now.

Currently, with 744k followers on Twitch and 550k subscribers on YouTube, Pengu has built a substantial brand image to become a full-time streamer if he wants. But leaving competitive Siege for good is still a big decision to be made.

A few weeks back, Pengu also said that he might even move to the NA region for their better esports structure, which includes BO3s and LAN matches. So, this might also be a viable option for him in the future.

However, right now the renewed G2 Esports Super Team has a long way to go and prove their new philosophy by winning a Major tournament. G2 Esports is currently sitting on 5th place in the EU League, and they surely need to secure a win in their next match against Team Vitality to remain within the Top 4 of the table.

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