Paul Haddad, the voice of Leon in Resident Evil 2 passes away

Paul Haddad the voice of Leon in the original Resident Evil 2 has passed away on April 16. It was revealed by an online statement on April 16. He is known to have been battling with stage-3 throat cancer for a considerable amount of time.

The cause of death however is yet unknown.

About Paul Haddad

As well as voice work, Paul has done quite a lot of live Theatre. Spending two years at The Stratford Fesitval in Stratford, Ontario. He was born in Born in Birmingham, England on May 20 1963. Paul later attended McGill University. He graduated from The National Theatre School Of Canada in 1988.

Haddad’s Voice Throughout the years

Haddad lived in Toronto, Canada. He had his own youtube channel. In that very channel, he also announced his throat cancer condition. He had an operation through which the tumor in his throat was removed. in his Youtube channel, he liked to post edited videos of his dog or assist other VAs in their demos.


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