Overwatch Summer Games 2021 Start and End dates

Overwatch Summer Games is set to return this year for 2021 with a bunch of new skins to celebrate the occasion.

The Summer Games are a yearly event in Overwatch where there are new weekly events, new skins, and the return of Lucioball. Play and win games to earn unique rewards in the weekly challenges. Also, get a chance to earn special Overwatch Summer Games loot boxes that unlock various amazing skins and cosmetics. These loot boxes can only be earned during this event, so you better get to grinding!

In the official announcement post from Overwatch’s social media account, we can see that Symmetra is sporting a new skin with a new Highlight intro. We can also see a new skin of Ashe and bob in beach outfits which looks amazing. Mei is the last hero outfitted with a new Summer skin seen in the clip.

Till now Symmetra is the only hero who got her own showcase of her new Summer skin. The Mermaid Symmetra brandishes a fish-like tail with fins making her resemble a mermaid as the name suggests.

Overwatch Summer Games 2021 Start and End Date

The event is set to start July 20th and continue for three weeks and end on August 10th.

So what are you waiting for? Get ready for the exciting upcoming event and save up coins to buy your favorite Overwatch Summer Games skins!

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