Overwatch Streamer faces backlash over verbally abusing viewer

Overwatch Streamer Samito is getting heat from fans after telling a viewer to “kill themselves” in his YouTube Broadcast.

Sam Dawahare or Samito is one of the most popular Overwatch streamers. Samito is under fire for spewing profanities at a viewer after losing a match he was streaming on his YouTube Broadcast. Although this may not come as a surprise to his audience as he himself boasts of being the “world’s angriest gamer”.

Samito is also one of the streamers for Overwatch League’s Florida Mayhem. After losing a match that took place on May 26th in front of thousands of viewers, Samito took his frustration out on one of the audience members. He said:

“Shut the f*** up and go be brain dead somewhere else you no-named sh***er. You’re not going to amount to anything in your life you stupid p*ssy. How about you go swan dive onto a f***ing set of LEGO you little bi***. No one cares what you have to f***ing say, shut the f*** up. How about you take your little bi*** a** that no one on this planet gives a f*** about, and get the f*** out of here. You wouldn’t say that sh** at LAN because I’d beat the f*** out of you. Get the f*** out of my stream. Never come back. No one loves you. Kill yourself”

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What felt like a long rant, only happened within the span of a minute. You can watch the clip here:

However, he has allegedly apologized for the comments. He has also set his stream to Private. It could very well be because controversies like these could threaten his position as a Streamer for Overwatch League’s Florida Mayhem.

With that being said, Overwatch fans were quick to take it to Reddit to discuss his outburst and toxic behavior. A Redditor named LampsAmps commented:

“Samito is so god damn toxic. I am a huge fan of Florida Mayhem but I have been so disappointed that they Signed Samito. I have tried watching him a few times since he got Signed. Every time he was talking trash about players in the game, lower-ranked players. It is an absolute shame that he is representing Florida Mayhem and in extension Misfits org by behaving as he does. This one is the worst one yet.”

However, it seems that Samito is yet to address this controversy on his social media as of May 28th as he went on to stream as usual today.

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