Overwatch pro thinks that Doomfist is dead after the nerf

Doomfist is doomed for pros

Right now Doomfist is probably the most polarising hero in Overwatch to play at the moment. But pro players are saying that with recent nerf has made him less than ideal for competitive play.

Doomfist is probably the most talked-about hero because most players think that this hero is really annoying to play against. Doomfist’s entire damage capabilities are all melee-based. And all of his attacks complement each other because of the fluid movement of the heroes. Since a recent nerf on Jan 9 the hero is now less than an ideal pick for pro players.

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In the latest patch the cooldown time of his Rising Uppercut ability from 0.2 to 0.5 seconds. This little change has made a huge impact on how Doomfist pro’s played Doomfist. Pro’s think this change has made him less mobile. And such mobility depended hero getting a huge nerf on his mobility has made him not that useful any longer.

pro’s on Doomfist nerf

Most pro players have a concern that this nerf to Doomfist has made him not usable at high competitive play. Pro player Jake Lyon also claimed that this change was made only for noobs so that they can survive the attack better.

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So, this last patch before a major overwatch league tournament has made this hero less than ideal. Most Pro’s will more likely to choose other DPS characters instead of Doomfist in the upcoming tournaments.

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