Overwatch Archives 2021 Start and End dates announced

Overwatch Archives is a recurring yearly event that focuses on the lore that the present game is based upon. It is a seasonal event that features events of the past centering around the Omnic Invasion, Talon and our favorite Overwatch heroes.

Overwatch releases the majority of its content through seasonal events like Halloween Terror, Winter wonderland, Summer games, etc. One of these events is Overwatch Archives. As the name suggests, these are archived information about events that happened in the past centering the Overwatch heroes and enemy organizations.

Overwatch had multiple Archives events in the past years. Starting in 2017, the first archives event was Uprising and it was based on the attack on King’s Row by Null Sector. In 2018 we had Archives: Retribution which focused on an attack on Talon by Blackwatch agents. For 2019 we had Archives: Storm Rising which based on an attack on Talon in Havana.

Overwatch Archives 2021

Start Date: Tuesday, April 6th
End Date: Tuesday, April 27th

Along with this year’s unique story, if there is one, players will also be able to experience last year’s Archives events as well so new players won’t miss out on any of the action. So far only the dates have been announced and there is information on what this year’s event is based on or the skins that will be released. Stay tuned with us to get notified of the latest announcements of Overwatch Archives 2021.

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