Overwatch League Legendary skin MM-Mei: First look, how to unlock, and more

This year, to celebrate the brand new tournament May Melee, Overwatch League has released a brand new skin. The skin is for Mei and is of Legendary tier. It is called MM-Mei and will be available for purchase from today in the in-game store.

This skin commemorates the upcoming Overwatch League event. They hosted a vote for which hero should receive the unique skin on their social media. The winner of the vote was Ana who will be getting a white-grey skin but it will be under the viewership rewards program as well as Mei who will also be getting skin.

The dev team behind the skin said, “Since the May Melee is the first Overwatch League tournament of the year, we wanted to design a skin that represents the peak of competition”. “We felt combat sports like boxing and MMA embodied the theme well and used this to begin designing the Legendary skin. Last year we saw others in the community having fun with the May-Mei pun, and therefore felt Mei was the obvious hero choice for a May Melee skin.”

The name of the Overwatch League skin is MM-Mei which is a Legendary skin. The name itself a pun and when pronounced sounds quite similar to MMA, a well-appreciated gesture from the dev team behind it.

The skin transforms Mei into a Mixed martial artist with dreadlocks and a fighting belt. The belt has the writing “World MMC Champion.” She has gloves that say “Frost Boxing.” Overall, it is a very unique skin for Mei.

How to Unlock

The skin will be available in the in-game shop for a limited time till May 11th. It can be purchased with 200 OWL tokens.

This skin has received mixed feelings from the community. But overall, it is meant to represent the May Melee event and what better than to celebrate it with a Mei Melee-themed skin. The MM-Mei skin will be on sale from April 28th – May 11th.

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