Overwatch league cancels match in China over Coronavirus outbreak

Blizzards cancel Overwatch League matches in China

Overwatch league cancels its matches scheduled for China over Coronavirus fear. The league hasn’t made any announcement yet to reschedule the matches.

Overwatch league’s official Twitter account just announced in a tweet that they are now officially canceling all the matches that were supposed to held in February and March. The announcement came when the Coronavirus outbreak in China became a safety risk for players and organizers.

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Overwatch League

Ever since it has been confirmed that Coronavirus can spread through the same way other cold-causing viruses do. If it can infect people through coughing and sneezing it became a safety risk for organizers. So, they decided to totally cancel their matches in China without any further notice.

As for the reschedule, the Overwatch league claims that there is no further update regarding the matter. But they soon will announce if there is any new information regarding the whereabouts of the matches that will take place on a later date.

Many took to Twitter to show their support. Most people think Blizzard has taken the right decision amongst all the news about safety risks associated with Coronavirus in China.

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The league will now be postponed with no fixed date in sight. Blizzard will hopefully reschedule all the matches after the situation in China is more under control.

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