Overwatch League app has a devastating 1.7 rating on Google store

Blizzard Entertainment’s official mobile app for Overwatch, Overwatch League has a devastating 1.7-star rating on the Google play store.

overwatch league app

The app has over 500K+ downloads, and according to play store the main usage of the app is to stay up to date with the latest stories and videos from the Overwatch League esports, tracking one’s favorite team. The idea is great as it is meant for fans so that they can keep track of the Overwatch League. Then why the rating is so low?

Here are some of the 1-star reviews from the Google play store:

  • “Worked completely fine – had even loaded up the new schedule for the new season and then the first day of the league happened and now the app will not tell me anything about the matches. The schedule defaults to Jan 1st and won’t let me switch it to a different date. Upcoming matches don’t load for the teams. It tells me to check my internet connection which is obviously working as I get all the news articles. It just says the servers can’t find me. But yeah, the app actually worked in 2019.”
  • “I love OWL, but this app is broken right now. Schedules don’t show. Scores don’t show. I’ve tried to uninstall and reinstall the app but didn’t make a difference. Only standings and articles show on Android.”
  • “Iv had this app for almost 6 months. Hoping that it’ll fix itself, but it never has.”
  • “Not entirely sure why this “official app” can’t seem to connect with match fixtures but will work fine with everything else it’s not my internet as I have deleted and reinstalled the app and restarted my internet more than once this is the only app that just can’t seem to connect”.

From all these 1* reviews it is very clear that the Overwatch League app is not doing what it is meant to be doing. A lot of players from Reddit have also complained about how poorly the app is implemented and the app deserves lower than 1.7 ratings.

We also tested out the app, and every time we tried to open the schedule tab the app just keeps saying server issue. Fans are defenitly not happy about it and Blizzard should look up into the situation and fix these issues.

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