Overwatch Lead Writer Michael Chu leaves Blizzard Entertainment

Michael Chu will move onto a different adventure in life

The lead writer of Overwatch Michael Chu announced that he will be leaving Blizzard Entertainment.

After serving the company for twenty years, he decided to take on new challenges. In his farewell article, he mentioned how he tried to tell the stories from his own perspective. As a writer, he always tried to bring characters into life.

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Since he was a huge fan of the experiences that Blizzard had already made before joining them, he was really excited to tell his own stories from his own perspective to create a more diverse world. In his farewell blog, he also talked about the impact gaming has on bringing people of different backgrounds together.

Now, as I head out through the Blizzard doors for a last time, I have new dreams: to continue to tell these stories and build worlds that unite people through games. To help create an inclusive world where more people will want to share stories that reflect their own experiences. I hope it’s something we can build together.

Michael Chu

Gaming in the past has seen its share of bad press due to some unfortunate series of events. There is no denying the fact that video games bring people together and lets them share their own stories from their own life experiences.

Michael Chu’s leave from Blizzard has many fans worried about how the stories will be told in the upcoming Overwatch 2 as the story was a big part of what made overwatch into what it is today.

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