Overwatch just banned a cheat called Pentagon

New overwatch cheat detected.

Overwatch like any other 1st person shooter suffers from hackers. Recently overwatch police on twitter announced their detection of a new cheat known as Pentagon.

Overwatch has already banned 200+ accounts with this cheat enabled. Pentagon users are now in full damage-control mode as their accounts are being banned left and right.

Overwatch has recently flooded with cheaters. People are using real money to cheat in this game. Some of the expensive cheat software is subscription-based just like Pentagon. Users are paying almost 100$ per month to use this cheat software.


Consumers are using their real money to cheat in a game that came out around three years ago. As the current state of multiplayer gaming cheating is a huge problem. It really ruins a game for some gamers. Nobody likes cheaters in a multiplayer lobby. Even after all that cheat protection cheaters always find a way to cheat in every major multiplayer game.

After the news of this ban, all the cheat software providers are in a full-on denial mode. Here is some snippet.

Overwatch cheaters

Overwatch is still banning accounts that were involved in this scam. At least this will dishearten some potential cheaters from buying these cheats. For more on Overwatch follow us on here


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