Overwatch’s Game designer Josh Noh, “A perfectly balanced game doesn’t mean it will be fun”

In the latest issue of Inside Overwatch, the devs have spoken about the future hero updates and their effects on the game. Overwatch is a game that relies heavily upon the special abilities of its unique heroes. This is why hero balancing is so crucial as it can make or break a meta.

The abilities of each unique Overwatch hero has can be used in synergy with allies to form powerful combos and tactics. Due to this, all the heroes are intertwined and any changes to an individual hero’s abilities can have an effect on the entire meta as a whole. For example, a few years ago we have seen the rise of the GOATS meta due to buffs to Brigitte as well as the fall of GOATS due to nerfs to her. This is why hero balancing is such an arduous task.

Geoff Goodman, a 20+ year Blizzard veteran teams up with Josh Noh, a top 500 player, to help create and balance the living landscape of Overwatch’s Hero design. According to Overwatch’s Game designer Josh Noh, “A perfectly balanced game doesn’t mean it will be fun. Design something fun and then balance it, it’s often more difficult the other way around.”

The devs decided to make the changes in a separate game mode named the Experimental mode. Overwatch League also hosted a card tournament on the basis of these changes. The tournaments were hosted in the NA, EU and KR regions. It consisted of both community teams and professional teams eligible to participate.

The entire blogpost about the hero balancing which includes Q/A with the devs can be found here. With a revamped Overwatch League coming soon in May, it is a good sight to see devs balancing out heroes to improve the game overall and make it more fun and competitive.

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