Overwatch dev thinks hero ban is a bad idea

Hero ban in Overwatch?

In recent weeks, there has been a lot of talk about adding a hero ban feature to Overwatch. The devs think it is not a good fit for Overwatch at all.

Overwatch and their balance issues are always gonna be a heated topic among Overwatch players. After its release, the game has changed its meta so many times that it is kind of hard to keep count all the time. Some changes were received well and others are not so well received.

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Recently many players on the Overwatch forums have been asking the devs to add a hero ban feature to the game. The Devs made a post in the forum describing that it is not a good fit for Overwatch. If it works for a game doesn’t mean that it will work out well for Overwatch.

Sometimes the right design decision for one game, is a terrible decision for another game – even if the two games are very similar. For example, with World of Warcraft we did not impose forced grouping, a slow leveling curve and a punishing death penalty with level loss “just because” the other successful MMO’s had those features at the time.

Jeff Kaplan

Why do people want to ban heroes?

Overwatch players want to have ban feature implemented in the game because they don’t want to face the meta champian. Or they don’t want the meta to get stuck in a particular place. They want the game to be always evolving but in a good way.

The dev claimed that people want to ban features because they are frustrated with some of the balancing issues that are plaguing the game right now. But adding a ban to certain heroes won’t solve the issue at all. He says that this feature will make the game even worse.

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Although the dev said that there that they absolutely have plans to help move the meta more. And they’ll be talking about these in an upcoming developer update.

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