Overwatch ban wave hits Korean server banning over 1700 accounts

Huge ban wave hits the Korean server

A new ban wave on Jan 13, 2020, hits the Korean Overwatch servers that resulted in a lot of bans. Some players were also punished or suspended for toxic behaviors.

Overwatch players in the Korean servers faced a huge Toxicity and cheating sanctions. Reports claim that over 9,078 players were been punished or suspended for toxicity. Also, almost 1,726 player account has been permanently banned for huge cheats. Those players who ere using programs that weren’t authorized by either Blizzard.

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Overwatch has been plagued with a lot of toxicity in the last few months. Especially in the Korean servers. Players were complaining about how toxic the player base has become and blizzard heard the call and took some serious actions. Which in term led to a mass punishment wave. Over 9000 accounts were Hit with suspension.

And the cheaters weren’t spared at all. 1,726 accounts have been banned. Fighting with cheaters in an online game is nothing new. Overwatch has also recently banned a new cheat called Pentagon. Cheaters were paying on a monthly basis to these cheats. And they weren’t cheap either.

Online toxicity and cheating in video games are nothing new. Blizzard has been banning and suspending accounts to combat this problem for a long time. This time Korean servers were affected pretty severely.


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