Overwatch Archives 2021: Weekly Challenges, Free Legendary Skins, Revamped Reward, and more

Overwatch Archives event for the year 2021 is finally here and players can complete weekly challenges to earn free legendary skins.

Overwatch recently announced the start of the annual Archives event. The Archives event gives players a chance to go back in time and relive previous co-op missions for a chance to earn free skins and loot boxes.

This year’s Overwatch Archive event introduces brand new weekly challenges, a revamped rewards system, and legendary and Epic skins. The 2021 Overwatch Archive event also puts a new twist on co-op story missions that will force players to adapt their playstyle based on various modifiers.

Read below to learn all about the Overwatch Archives 2021 event including weekly challenges, the revamped reward system, Legendary and Epic skins and much more.

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Overwatch Archives 2021 Event:

Date and Time:

The Overwatch 2021 Archives event will run starting from April 6- April 27, 2021. Week 1 challenges will be available from APRIL 6 – APRIL 13, Week 2 APRIL 13 – APRIL 20, and week 3 APRIL 20 – APRIL 27. The dates may vary depending on regional timing.

Legendary Skins:

The Overwatch 2021 Archive event introduces 5 new Legendary skins. This year Genji, Soldier: 76, Tracer, Widowmaker, and Zarya are getting brand new Legendary skins. These skins can be earned by opening the Archives Loot Box loot boxes during the runtime of the event.

Below you can see all of the Overwatch Archives 2021 Legendary skins-

Genji 'Bushi' Skin
Genji ‘Bushi’ Skin
Tracer 'Cavalry' Skin
Tracer ‘Cavalry’ Skin
Widowmaker 'Mousquetaire' Skin
Widowmaker ‘Mousquetaire’ Skin
Zarya 'Polyanitsa' Skin
Zarya ‘Polyanitsa’ Skin
Soldier 76 'Soldier: 1776' Skin
Soldier 76 ‘Soldier: 1776’ Skin

Revamped Reward System:

The way of earning skins in the Archives event has been totally revamped. Previously players could win skins by winning a set amount of matches. But now playing the weekly PVE missions will earn you stars. The star reward scales with the difficulty of the mission.

To spice things up a bit there will be certain modifiers that will be active each week. Some of these modifiers. The modifiers that are introduced are given below-

Earning enough stars each week will unlock the corresponding rewards for that week.

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Weekly Challenges:

Week 1:

Players can earn double stars in week 1 for playing the Uprising missions.

The modifiers for week 1 are-

  • BULLETPROOF BARRIERS: Enemy barriers are invulnerable
  • MOLTEN CORES: Enemies drop lava upon death.
  • GLASS CANNON: Players have reduced health and deal increased damage.

Below are all the rewards for earning enough stars in week 1-

  • EARN 10 STARS: Corredor Lucio Player Icon
  • EARN 20 STARS: Turn Up the Heat! Spray
  • EARN 30 STARS: Corredor Lucio Epic Skin
Corredor Lucio Epic Skin
Corredor Lucio Epic Skin

Week 2:

Earn double stars this week when you play Retribution!

Week 2 modifiers-

  • SYMPATHY GAINS: Damaging enemies heals other enemies.
  • SURGICAL STRIKE: Only critical hits do damage.
  • CLOSE QUARTERS: Enemies can only be killed if a player is nearby.

Week 2 Rewards-

  • EARN 10 STARS: Subaquatic Zenyatta Player Icon
  • EARN 20 STARS: Deep in Thought Spray
  • EARN 30 STARS: Subaquatic Zenyatta Epic Skin
Subaquatic Zenyatta Epic Skin
Subaquatic Zenyatta Epic Skin

Week 3:

Earn double stars this week when you play Storm Rising!

Week 3 modifiers-

  • THUNDERSTORM: Enemies damage all nearby players.
  • BLOOD MOON RISING: No support heroes. Heal yourself by doing damage.
  • STORM RAGING: Some enemies are enraged. Killing them spreads the rage.

Week 3 Rewards-

  • EARN 10 STARS: Camouflage Mercy Player Icon
  • EARN 20 STARS: Night Mission Spray
  • EARN 30 STARS: Camouflage Mercy Epic Skin
Camouflage Mercy Epic Skin
Camouflage Mercy Epic Skin

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