Overwatch Anniversary 2021 Event announced: Start and End dates, Funky Baptiste legendary skin, and more

Overwatch’s Anniversary event for 2021 is set to start on the 18th of this month.

Overwatch releases the majority of its content through seasonal events like Halloween Terror, Winter wonderland, Summer games, etc. One of these events is Overwatch Anniversary.

Overwatch Anniversary is an event that celebrates the release of the game. As the name suggests it is a yearly event and the first Anniversary event was in 2017. It starts on the Tuesday of the 3rd week of every May and runs for a period of 3 weeks.

Overwatch had multiple Anniversary events in the past years. Starting in 2017, the first Anniversary event featured multiple cosmetic items including Dance Emotes. Like every year, this year we might be getting more dance emotes added as well as the first look at a Baptiste Legendary skin and more to come.

Overwatch Anniversary 2021

Start Date: Tuesday, May 18th
End Date: Tuesday, June 8th

Like all Overwatch patches, the event is set to start on a Tuesday which this year is May 18th. It will run for 3 weeks and end on June 8th. This will be a limited-time event and the rewards cannot be earned after the span of this time.

Also, logging in during this time will rewards players with a free Golden Lootbox that guarantees a Legendary skin when opened.

Also, we have a first look at Funky Baptiste, which will be Baptiste’s new Legendary skin for the Anniversary event.

Thus the Anniversary event for 2021 is set to be underway. Stay tuned as we update you with all the new skins that get released as well as other cosmetics.

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