Overwatch 2: How to Fix the Time Out Communicating with Battle.net Services Error

Overwatch 2 launch day was plagued with long servers queue. But even beyond that problem with Time out, Communicating with Battle.net is another problem players are facing. Here is how you can fix that.

Overwatch 2 is the sequel of Overwatch that changes things up from its original game keeping the core gameplay intact. The main difference from the first game is that it is now 5v5 instead of 6v6. That means you will have two fewer players per match. In addition, all the heroes have also been changed to fit the new format.

But the launch of Overwatch 2 has so far been far from perfect. The long server queues have been keeping players from playing the game. On top of that, we got problems where it says communication with battle.net services error.

Some of the problems we face need to get fixed from the dev side. But for the communicating with battle.net service error, we can try a few things to see if it fixes the problem. So here is how you can fix this problem in Overwatch 2.

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How to Fix Communicating With Battle.net Services

Communicating with Battle.net services error usually happens when the client on your side fails to connect with the battle.net server. The main reason for this is when the Blizzard servers are down. A quick way to check if the servers are down or not is to search it up on google. If the servers are down, you just have to wait until they are back online again.

If the servers are not down but you are still facing this problem, follow these steps to check if everything is working perfectly on your side:

Restart Battle.net & Internet Connection

If you cannot connect to the servers, there is a high chance your internet is down. So try to restart the internet connection and try to visit other sites to check if it is working or not. If the internet is working, then restart your battle.net client and then try to rerun the game.

The battle.net client is far from perfect when it comes to bugs. So it is possible that some bug may have caused the problem. If that is the case, restarting the client should be able to fix it.

Use VPN & Run as Administrator

If the other two methods don’t work, you can try running Battle.net as an Administrator. To do that, simply right-click on the battle.net client icon, then select the option Run as Administrator. Then a prompt will show up asking if you want to do it. Press yes, and it should run the client. Now try to run the game.

If that doesn’t work, there is a possibility the servers have been blocked in the country. So far, there is no news of any country blocking overwatch 2. So it shouldn’t be the case, but still, you can use a VPN to see if it can connect to the blizzard servers to fix the problem.

Contact Blizzard Support

If everything else fails, the last method we need to use is to contact the support team and let them know about the problem. It may take a while, but they should be able to look into the issue and fix it for you. This is the last resort to use if everything else fails.

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