Overwatch 2 Support Heroes Tier List: All the Support Characters Ranked

Are you looking to play Support Heroes in Overwatch 2 but are confused about who to play? Then sit tight and let us drive you through all the Support characters in Overwatch 2 and rank them accordingly, so you can pick the best one for yourself.

Overwatch 2 is a newly released 5v5 team-based action shooter. The game is a sequel to its predecessor, Overwatch, which was released in 2016. Overwatch was massively popular and created the initial base for what we call hero-shooter games today.

After 6 years, Blizzard has published the sequel that players have been waiting for a long time. Additionally, Blizzard has made Overwatch 2 a free-to-play title. As a result, hundreds of thousands of players are flooding the servers with the expectation of finding out what’s new.

Overwatch 2 brought many unique things into the game that its predecessor lacked. Blizzard also made some changes to make Overwatch 2 better but not wholly different from Overwatch. Like many other things, Blizzard has changed some old Heroes and added some new ones to Overwatch 2.

This list was updated after the official launch of Overwatch 2 Season one.

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How Many Heroes are There in Overwatch 2?

Although there were 32 Heroes in the prequel, Blizzard added 3 new Heroes to this newly released Overwatch 2. So, currently, there are a total of 35 Heroes in Overwatch 2, and Blizzard will add more Heroes in the future.

Like before, the Heroes in Overwatch 2 are also divided into three categories: Tank, Damage, and Support. Among them are 10 Tank Heroes, 17 Damage Heroes, and 8 Support Heroes in Overwatch 2.

What are Support Heroes?

As the name indicates, Support Heroes are to support other Heroes in the game. Especially the Tank and Damage Heroes. These Support characters are the guardian angels who assist their teammates in the game to become victorious.

Support Heroes
Credit: Blizzard

Unlike other Hero categories, the Support characters are not very flashy, but they are by no means less important to achieve victory in Overwatch 2. In Role Queues and competitive plays, there are two Support Heroes in every team. Every Support character possesses healing abilities, so they are also referred to as Healers.

Blizzard’s official description states, “Support heroes empower their allies by healing, shielding, boosting damage, and disabling foes. As a support, you’re the backbone of your team’s survival.”

Best Support Heroes in Overwatch 2 (A Complete Tier List)

Before we start with the tier list, we want to clarify that all the Support Heroes in Overwatch 2 are good in their own way. Based on their abilities, they all come in a clutch in different circumstances, maps, game modes, and team compositions.

However, there is no denying that some of the Support Heroes prevail in overall scenarios. As a result, these Support Heroes are highly preferred over other Support characters because of their versatility. So, this guide is to help you to pick the overall best Support Heroes in Overwatch 2.

Like any other tier list, this one is also pretty subjective, and you can place any Support Heroes in any of the given tiers. This list is ideal for beginners and returning veterans who want to start playing Overwatch 2 but are confused about which Support character to pick.

So, without further ado, let’s get started with the tier list. Based on their abilities and usability in different combat scenarios, we’ll put every Support Character into three categories: S-Tier, A-Tier, and B-Tier.

S-Tier(Best)Kiriko, Lúcio
A-Tier(Average)Ana, Baptiste, Brigitte, Mercy
B-Tier(Useable)Zenyatta, Moira

S-Tier Heroes


Credit: Blizzard

Kiriko is one of the latest additions to Overwatch 2. Currently, she is one of the strongest characters in the game. Her versatility makes her the best Support Hero in the current state of Overwatch 2. Her Healing Ofuda is a pretty handy ability, considering you can use this even from behind covers.

She can instantly get to her teammates using the Swift Step. Additionally, Kiriko can briefly use Protection Suzu to protect allies from incoming adverse effects. On top of that, Kiriko carries deadly Kunais with her that deal increased critical damage to enemies when hit.

Her Ultimate Kitsune Rush is one of a kind. With this Ultimate, Kiriko summons a fox spirit that rushes forward, creates a pathway, and buffs the attack and movement speed for allies who follow the fox’s trail.


Credit: Blizzard

Lúcio is not a new character in the game. However, he is that Support Hero who can go toe-to-toe with Kiriko. While he falls slightly short because of his healing capacity compared to Kiriko, his mind-blowing agility compensates for his lack of healing power, thanks to his Wall Ride.

Not only that, Lúcio’s Crossfade ability can kill two birds with a single stone. It works as a Speed Boost as well as Healing Boost for allies. To make the Crossfade more compelling, he can Amp It Up to increase its effectiveness.

For offense, Lúcio uses the Sonic Projectile Launcher that emits deadly projectiles toward enemies. And for defense, he uses the Soundwave ability to make enemies blast away to a short distance and disoriented.

Lúcio can buff nearby allies’ health temporarily using the Sound Barrier ability. But it is his Ultimate, so it takes time to recharge.

A-Tier Heroes


Credit: Blizzard

Ana is one of the most powerful Support Heroes who can compete with the S-Tier Heroes in Overwatch 2. However, her abilities make her more of a long-range Support which suits her for defensive and long-range engagements.

Her long-range abilities can be considered both as good or bad depending on your playstyle. However, even from distances, she does what a Support character must do. This is what makes her a better pick.

Ana carries a Biotic Rifle. With it, she can heal her teammate from long range as well as deal damage to her enemies. She also carries a Sleep Dart with her. When she hits an enemy with it, they get to sleep for a while, making them an easier target to eliminate.

She can also throw her Biotic Grenade near enemies or her teammates, which heals and increases healing on allies. On the other hand, it also damages affected enemies and prevents them from healing. Her Nano Boost Ultimate buffs up teammates, increasing their damage while decreasing incoming damage.


Credit: Blizzard

If you want only to Support your teammate in any way possible, Batiste is the Hero to pick. All of his abilities are mostly catered to support his teammates entirely. For starters, his Biotic Launcher works as healing equipment and also deals damage to enemies.

His Regenerative Burst also can instantly heal nearby allies and gives them additional healing for a short period. Additionally, the healing is doubled for the allies who are below half-health.

Baptiste’s Immortality Field works as a defensive gadget for him and his teammates. When used, it will protect allies from explosives and save them from dying. To reach a more defensive position, Baptiste can use his Exo Boost passive, which helps him jump much higher than usual.

When he uses the Amplification Matrix Ultimate, his allies can deal double damage to enemies through it. It also amplifies the applied projectiles’ healing effects, making it handy in dire situations.


Credit: Blizzard

While Ana specializes in long-range Support abilities, Brigitte, on the other hand, is more dominant in close-range engagements. Firstly, she has a Rocket Flail melee. With it, Brigitte can deal damage to her enemies. However, because of her Inspire ability, she can also use the flail to heal her allies.

Secondly, with her flail, she can Whip Shot any enemy using the flail, making them knock away from you. For defense, she equips a Barrier Shield that can protect her and her allies from enemy attacks. But Brigitte’s teammates need to be behind the shield.

The shield can also be used to knock away enemies, thanks to her Shield Dash ability. The most crucial piece of equipment she carries as a healer is the Repair Pack. With it, Brigitte can heal an ally for a short duration which is not very useful in most scenarios.

But thanks to her Ultimate Rally, she can lead her enemies into rough battles while giving them extra speed and health.


Credit: Blizzard

Mercy also has excellent abilities that let her aid teammates from a close range. As a result, she needs to stay close to her teammates to make her abilities useful. She can heal one ally at a time with her Caduceus Staff ability.

To fight against enemies, she uses Caduceus Blaster, a low-damage automatic weapon. Her Guardian Angel ability is handy if she needs to get to her teammates quicker. Additionally, her Angelic Descent lets her fall very slowly and allows her to float for a brief time.

Her most useful ability is the Resurrect. With it, she can bring a dead teammate back to life, making it effective in clutch situations. Her Ultimate is called Valkyrie because while it is activated, she can fly, and her other abilities get enhanced, making her deadly for a short time.

B-Tier Heroes


Credit: Blizzard

There’s a misconception about Zenyatta that he is not a very good character. Some of you may agree. But Zenyatta mostly shines when he is coordinating with premade teammates. Otherwise, playing with Zenyatta can become frustrating.

Zenyatta’s Orb of Destruction releases slow energy projectiles to deal damage to enemies. It can also be charged and released to deal big damage. Additionally, his Orb of Discord makes the affected enemies vulnerable while forcing the enemies take extra damage.

He can heal teammates one at a time with his Orb of Harmony ability. However, he is not just good for medium-range combats. With the Snap Kick ability, Zenyatta can deal 50% more melee damage with a more powerful knockback effect.

His Ultimate Transcendence is one of the strongest Ultimates among the Support Heroes. Upon activation, Zenyatta becomes invulnerable, moves faster, and constantly heals nearby allies, creating an opportunity to make a quick comeback.


Credit: Blizzard

Although Moira is our last pick in the Support character tier list, she is not a weak hero at all. Moira’s Biotic Grasp works both for damage healing and healing. The left click heals your teammates, and the right click damages enemies, which adds to your health.

Her Biotic Orb also has two functions. The left click launches a healing sphere for nearby allies, whereas the right click launches a sphere that deals damage to nearby enemies. Moira’s Fade ability makes her disappear, move faster, and be invulnerable, allowing her to get out of certain places swiftly.

Her Coalescence also works like the Biotic Grasp. However, you don’t have to switch between clicks to heal or give damage. Just aim at your enemies or allies, and it will do the rest.

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There you go! This is the ultimate tier list for all the Support Heroes in Overwatch 2. Remember, all characters in Overwatch 2 are decent and pretty balanced compared to characters in other games. Each character has its use in different scenarios. Still, some of the Heroes prevail compared to other Heroes.

So, try them out in different maps and game modes and see which Support Heroes suit your specific playstyle. Also, the tier list will be updated based on the seasonal changes, updates, and meta. So keep an eye on this article for real-time updates on Overwatch 2 Support Heroes tier list.

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