Overwatch 2: How to set up SMS Protection

You might want to add an eligible phone number to set up SMS protection protocol for your Overwatch 2 account.

One of the most awaited titles is now finally in the palm of our hands. With the return of this franchise, there are new policies included and new security measurements, and all are on track. Blizzard has taken all the possible steps to secure the server and maintain a healthy gaming environment.

However, as the second installment is not a paid version like its predecessor, there is innumerable traffic on the servers. And that led to quite a lot of issues like servers and account merging issues. With the new update and the apology letter, gamers like us thought the issues were finally over. However, once there is a catch, there is always a second catch in the air.

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What is SMS Protection in Overwatch 2?

The SMS Protection system was built with the sole intention of creating a healthy gaming environment. With the recent cyber-bullying, unwanted behaviors from other players and issues like this can sometimes be very hassling. With these issues kept in mind, Blizzard made this system.

With the same intention in mind, Blizzard set this system for Overwatch 2 as well. However, a considerable amount of backslashes made them divert their decisions. Moreover, the system is only up for the players that started their journey with Overwatch after June 9, 2021, till October 4, 2022. This change is now on live since October 7. However, the update for the players will soon have its effect.

How to set up SMS Protection?

I assume you are here because of being the late guy at the after-party. At first, you need to get prepared with a valid phone number. You will be adding that to your Battle.net account. As you are playing a cross-progression, you need to save all your unlocks and stats. However, it seems you are already sitting with a valid phone number. Well, then, let’s move to the steps below:

  • Go to Battle.net and sign in to your account.
  • Look for the Account Settings by clicking on your account name.
  • After that, head to the Account Details section. You will find the Phone Number setting there.
  • Now, click on Add Phone Number. Enter your number here. Hit that Enter.
  • Now, wait for a text on your phone with a verification code. Put that code into the Battle.net code verification box.

Congrats, you have now unlocked a new perk, “DIY.” However, there are a couple of things you should keep in mind. These are pretty simple, though. You cannot use the same phone number with multiple accounts, cannot change the dialing code, this and that, and now you are set.

These are the best ways to set up SMS Protection for your Overwatch 2 account. Cheers!

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