Overwatch 2: How Does Role Queue Work?

You might want to know how role queue works If you want to play specific roles in Overwatch 2.

After the massive success of its predecessor, the sequel is now here to provide gamers with a real storyline. There are revamps, new PvP content, and many more to explore. However, like its predecessor had all these cosmetic items, mods, and seasonal events along with introducing new heroes, the second installment is walking down the same path, more or less.

Now here is a catch. The heroes here have different personalities, different egos, and different styles on the battlefield. That makes it clear that you will not be able to choose a character surpassing others in the arena. Here comes the matchmaking, in other words, the Role Queue. Scroll down to learn more about this.

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What is Role Queue in Overwatch 2?

Role Queue is basically a matchmaking process, even though it sounds more like matrimony, which is not. The game algorithm maintains a standard team arrangement. The combination is set with one Tank, two Damage, and two Support heroes.

Now, you have to choose under which class you want to serve. After that, the game algorithm will try to find an arena that suits your taste and selected class. After that, you will be selecting the hero that falls under that class.

Even though it seems like what’s big of a deal; trust me, that is a big deal. Report says over 80% of players want to serve the Tank category. As a result, the role queue gets longer and longer in Overwatch 2. Which eventually increases the time in the waiting line. However, a way, there is, said Yoda.

They also say if you cannot beat them, join them. In that sense, join the Flex search. Flex search is totally random. You will not even have the option to choose the class in this mode. All you have to do is, join the search and wait till the game algorithm puts you into a match. Needless to say, this is way faster than the Role Queue, as you won’t have to wait in line. At the same time, you are losing a lot of privileges.

Apart from these, I think Role Queue is an absolutely fine addition for all to enjoy the game equally. Players will always choose a certain class, eventually decreasing the chance for others to get into the game. Either you wait, or you play under the game’s rules. And that is all in fair.

There you go. Now you know all about Role Queue in Overwatch 2. Cheers!

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