Overwatch 2 DPS Heroes Tier List: All the Best Damage Characters Ranked

Are you interested in playing DPS Heroes in Overwatch 2 but unsure who to play? Then, please take a seat and let us rate all of the Support characters in Overwatch 2 so you can choose the finest one.

Overwatch 2 is a free-to-play, futuristic, team-based action game where every match is an ultimate 5v5 battleground war. The battle around the globe as a time-jumping freedom fighter, a beat-dropping battlefield DJ, or one of over 30 other distinct characters.

After the great success of Overwatch 1, Blizzard has finally released Overwatch 2. Although Overwatch 2 has been launched for quite a bit now, it was in the beta version, and many twitch streamers and casual players were enjoying the game. Since everyone was eagerly waiting for the game, a massive rush of players overwhelmed the servers.

Overwatch 2 brought many unique features into the game that its predecessor lacked. Blizzard also made some changes to make Overwatch 2 better but not wholly different from Overwatch. Like many other things, Blizzard has changed some old Heroes and added some new ones to Overwatch 2.

This list was updated after the official launch of Overwatch 2 Season one.

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How Many Heroes are There in Overwatch 2?

Overwatch 2 DPS Heroes
Image Source: Blizzard

Even though there were 32 Heroes in the first Overwatch, Blizzard has added three more to the recently released Overwatch 2. Therefore, there are currently 35 Heroes in Overwatch 2, and Blizzard will introduce more in the future.

Heroes in Overwatch 2 are separated into the same three categories as before: Tank, Damage, and Support. Overwatch 2 has 10 Tank Heroes, 17 Damage Heroes, and 8 Support Heroes.

What are DPS Heroes?

Overwatch 2 DPS Heroes
Image Source: Blizzard

Like other games, DPS Heroes are Damage dealing characters who can quickly deal the most significant amount of damage. Additionally, they have abilities and perks that are also helpful in assisting the heroes to flank, break shields, and more.

Everyone likes a good DPS on their team. They are one of the core components of any team composition. DPS Heros can change the tide if they have viable support in their team. While DPS heroes can deal massive damage, they can sometimes be very flimsy or vulnerable to some special abilities. That’s why they need good support to achieve victory.

Do you love to play DPS every game and looking forward to trying some of the best DPS in Overwatch 2? In that case, you are going to love this Overwatch 2’s DPS character tier list, as it will let you choose the right hero depending on your playstyle.

Best DPS Heroes in Overwatch 2 (A Complete Tier List)

Overwatch 2 DPS Heroes
Image Source: Blizzard

Before we start with the tier list, we want to clarify that all the DPS Heroes in Overwatch 2 are good in their own way. Based on their abilities, they all come in a clutch in different circumstances, maps, game modes, and team compositions.

However, it is indisputable that some DPS Heroes excel in overall circumstances. Due to their High DPS scaling and versatility, these DPS Heroes are usually preferred above other DPS characters. This guide will help you choose the top DPS Heroes in Overwatch 2.

As with any other tier list, this one is subjective, and you may place any DPS Hero in any of the listed tiers. This list is great for newcomers and returning veterans who wish to begin playing Overwatch 2 but are uncertain about which DPS character to choose.

Now, without further ado, let’s continue the tier list. We will categorize every DPS Character into S-Tier, A-Tier, and B-Tier, based on their abilities and utility in various combat situations, so you can choose the best one for yourself.

S-Tier(Best)Ashe, Bastion, Widowmaker, Pharah, Genji, Reaper
A-Tier(Average)Junkrat, Sojourn, Soldier 76, Hanzo, Sombra, Tracer
B-Tier(Useable)Torbjorn, Cassidy, Symmetra, Echo, Mei
Tier List

S-Tier Heroes

1. Ashe

Ashe Overwatch 2 DPS
Image Source: Blizzard

Ashe is a sniper-based character who can deal massive damage from a far distance while being pretty decent at fighting against enemies at close range. Her main weapon is The Viper, which is quite powerful at long to mid-range engagements.

Although she is dominant in the long-mid range, Ashe suffers a little bit in close combat. However, she can use her secondary Coach Gun to knock back enemies and reach a safe distance and use her long-range specialties.

Dynamite is a dangerous and flexible ability that you can use against your enemies to make space for your teammates. It deals considerable damage in its radius and also inflicts a debuff that deals damage over time. In addition, Ashe is not fighting alone because she can call upon her Omnic ally BOB for assistance anytime it is required.

2. Bastion

Bastion Overwatch 2 DPS
Image Source: Blizzard

Bastion is an excellent DPS in any fight. Bastion is a hero with two main forms, and it has the ability to transform between Assault, Recon, and devastating Artillery configurations. To switch between the weapon configuration, Bastion uses the Reconfiguration ability.

Additionally, it has one of the highest damage outputs. The turret of Bastion boasts one of the strongest damage outputs in the game, able to rip through shields and heroes alike, yet it is incapable of dealing critical hits. Not to forget, Bastion’s A-36 Tactical Grenade also adds to his damage-dealing capacity.

3. Widowmaker

Widowmaker Overwatch 2 DPS
Image Source: Blizzard

Widowmaker is the archetypical sniper of Overwatch. She is equipped with a powerful scoped rifle called Widow’s Kiss. She can one-shot-kill almost any heroes in Overwatch 2 with a single fully-charged headshot. It can also pack a delicious punch with a body shot.

She uses the Grappling Hook to reach high grounds for a better sight of the whole map. Additionally, she can throw the Venom Mine into the ground to care for her flanks. If an enemy walks near the mine while it’s armed, it will detonate, poisoning them and any nearby enemies with toxic gas that deals steady damage.

Widowmaker’s Ultimate is Infra-Sight which allows her and her team temporarily gain infravision, showing them the location of all enemies by highlighting their silhouettes with a red glow when they are behind walls or other solid surfaces.

While she excels at long to mid-range combat, she is relatively pretty weak against close combat fights, and her immobility while scoped makes her an easy target. Her biggest threat is often another, better Widowmaker on the enemy team. You have to play safe and deal damage from a distance.

4. Pharah

Pharah Overwatch 2 DPS
Image Source: Blizzard

Pharah is one of the best mobility DPS heroes in overwatch 2. She can quickly move from one place to another with the help of her Hover Jets and Jump Jet. Jump Jet launches her high in the air, allowing her to position herself for well-angled attacks or to escape danger, while the Hover jet helps her to gain altitude and fight from higher ground.

It also helps her to move away from ground attacks, but it has some drawbacks, such as it makes you vulnerable to Hitscan opponents such as Soldier: 76, Cassidy, and Widowmaker.

Her Primary weapon is Rocket Launcher which Fires high-damage splash projectiles at a fairly moderate fire rate. If enemies come too close, using the Concussive Blast will knock away enemies, allowing you to reposition again.

Barrage is Pharah’s Ultimate ability. When she activates her Ultimate, she will bombard the enemy with rapid-fire rockets that deal a large amount of damage on both contact and splash damage.

5. Genji

Genji Overwatch 2 DPS
Image Source: Blizzard

Genji is also a mobility character with versatile abilities. He has some of the best movement abilities of all the Heros in Overwatch 2. Genji is really good at close to mid-range fights due to his agility. However, he can still be formidable at any range.

He has a really good passive called Cyber-Agility, which helps him climb vertical surfaces by holding the jump button next to them. His Deflect ability is also quite good for countering incoming projectiles.

Additionally, The Swift Strike helps him to move forward while also dealing damage to the nearby enemies. His Dragonblade lets him go on a rampage for a short duration, making him a nightmare for nearby opponents.

6. Reaper

Reaper Overwatch 2 DPS
Image Source: Blizzard

While Ashe and Widowmaker excel in long-range fights, Reaper, on the other hand, dominates in close-quarter combats. Thanks to his Hellfire Shotguns, he can literally melt some of the Tanks like Reinhardt and Roadhog in close combat. Although he is a beast in close battles, he lacks his DPS in midrange fights, which is not unsurprising considering his utilities.

To compensate for his mid-long-range fights, he has one of the best passive abilities as a DPS. While his passive The Reaping, is active, he regains his health from the amount of damage he is dealing to the enemies. This is really great in a critical scenario or your support heroes are busy defending someone else.

Additionally, he can teleport from one location to another (within his line of sight) when the shadow step is activated.

A-Tier Heroes

7. Junkrat

Junkrat Overwatch 2 DPS
Image Source: Blizzard

Junkarts is a passive-aggressive DPS hero in Overwatch 2 that’ll remind you of Raze from VALORANT. He is really good at defending an area with his Steel Traps. While he can deal a massive amount of damage with his Frag Launcher, it is not an easy task to land a precious grenade on a moving target.

Junkrat is also useful even after he is dead. If you’re about to die and confront an enemy at close range, do your best to stay near to them, as Total Mayhem can grant you multiple eliminations even after death. Junkrat is a Good DPS if you have the right skill to use his Grenades and abilities.

Using Junkarts Concussion Mine, he can launch forward or knock back enemies. His Ultimate Rip-Tire is a hell of a show. It is a moving nightmare that can be controlled remotely and explodes upon contact.

8. Sojourn

Sojourn Overwatch 2 DPS
Image Source: Blizzard

Sojourn is the latest addition to DPS Heroes and can be very tricky to play for the beginner. If you have good aim and can control her Railgun, then she is a relatively good DPS for a long and mid-range fight. Additionally, she also has some good mobility and artillery utilities.

She can use her Power Slide to jump higher up places and move faster. Additionally, her Disruptive Shot launches an energy burst that snares and deals damage to enemies within it. With her Overclock, you can kill multiple enemies with a single shot.

9. Soldier 76

Soldier Overwatch 2 DPS
Image Source: Blizzard

Soldier: 76 is a well-rounded DPS character in Overwatch 2. He excels in both long-range and close combat while sustaining serious burst damage. His Biotic Field abilities support him and his allies to move quickly across the battlefield.

His primary weapon is an automatic Heavy Pulse Rifle that can deal a fair amount of damage to enemies within all ranges. Helix Rockets is also a good DPS dealing ability besides his Sprint, which only helps him move faster and reach a kill zone to support his allies.

His Ultimate Tactical Visor is literally an aimbot. It redirects your bullets automatically to enemies within the vision. However, it doesn’t buff the damage or add any special perks. So, it is not considered unbalanced.

Although he is a good DPS and relatively easy to play compared to other assault heroes, he doesn’t have any specialized skill. He is kind of like the jack of all trades master of none. However, he is an easier character to play as a beginner.

10. Hanzo

Hanzo Overwatch 2 DPS
Image Source: Blizzard

Hanzo is a mid-range DPS in Overwatch 2. He is a sniper with robust team utility and area-controlling abilities. With his passive Wall Climb, Hanzo can climb up any flat, vertical surface by pressing and holding the jump button next to that surface.

Additionally, he can use the Lunge to double jump from one place to another and travel reasonable distances. This ability is handy for moving from high ground to high ground. His bow is the primary weapon of combat. With the Sonic Arrow, he can use it to reveal enemies’ positions.

Storm Bow is Hanzo’s main damaging tool which is good for any range. With the Storm Arrows ability, Hanzo can fire multiple arrows instantly. But it has some drawbacks, like less accuracy and reduced damage. Since he is a bow character, players sometimes have difficulty hitting long-range targets.

Coming to his Ultimate Dragonstrike. This ability clears everything that comes into its path. Dragonstrike comes in clutch when a group of enemies is sticking together in front of you.

11. Sombra

Sombra Overwatch 2 DPS
Image Source: Blizzard

Sombra is a stealth DPS in Overwatch 2. She can sneak into the enemy territory and infiltrate them from close range. Her EMP helps her to take down multiple enemies at a time. Additionally, with Translocate and Stealth abilities, Sombra makes herself a hard target to locate in tricky situations.

Since she lacks raw damage-dealing power, combining Hack, Opportunist, and Machine Pistol, she becomes as good as any S-tier DPS hero. Additionally, she can also see the enemy’s health if they don’t have full health.

12. Tracer

Tracer Overwatch 2 DPS
Image Source: Blizzard

Tracer is a close-range specialist in Overwatch 2. She has excellent mobility and specializes in 2 handed weapons called Pulse Pistols, which are pretty lethal in close combat. You can take down the enemy team’s key players and make them vulnerable to your teammates by focusing your target on that key target.

Since she is a single-target DPS, she has some disadvantages if multiple enemies are nearby and they all target her. You can kill them quickly if you play safe and find lone wolves. However, if you find yourself in a tricky situation, you can use your Blink ability to teleport a short distance and run behind your tanks quickly.

The Recall is also a remarkable ability to rewind 3 seconds and go back and set her health and position to whatever they were at that time. Her ultimate ability is Pulse Bomb which can deal heavy damage to the enemies it is stuck to and also deal damage to its nearby enemies.

B-Tier Heroes

13. Torbjorn

TorbJorn Overwatch 2 DPS
Image Source: Blizzard

Torbjörn is the most ability-packed DPS character in Overwatch 2. He can defend any objective with his abilities and control any zone. His main weapon is a Rivet gun, which has high base damage and can be pretty lethal against any hero in close combat. The only drawback this weapon has is it is not that good against mid to long-range enemies.

The Forge Hammer is also good at close combat and can heal his damaged Deployed Turret with every swing. Molten Core is a great area-denial ultimate that can force the enemies to walk back before being burnt to death on a high-damage magma floor.

His Overload ability is one of the strongest Ultimates in the game. With it, Torbjorn can gain additional extra health, and increase movement speed, damage, and reload speed. Although he has all these cool abilities and such, he lacks a little bit in mobility. Other than that, he is a perfect combo for new players and veterans alike.

14. Cassidy

Cassidy Overwatch 2 DPS
Image Source: Blizzard

Cassidy is the best Gunslinger in Overwatch 2 and one of the best revolver-wielding DPS in the game. He can go toe to toe with any heroes in the game. With Peacekeeper as his primary weapon, he can go against any mobile heroes like Genji and Pharah.

Although he has an insane damage-dealing weapon at his disposal, it is somewhat of a trade-off for its complex usability. But, thanks to his Combat Roll, Cassidy gets extreme mobility with an instant reload speed for his weapon. He can pair Combat Roll with Magnetic Grenade to increase the effectiveness of his primary weapon.

His ultimate is Deadeye. When Cassidy activates it, he enters a special targeting mode for a short duration, during which movement speed dramatically slows, and he cannot use any other abilities

15. Symmetra

Symmetra Overwatch 2 DPS
Image Source: Blizzard

Symmetra is also a passive-aggressive DPS in Overwatch 2. She can also give positional advantages to her allies with her abilities. Her Sentry Turrets help her cover any chokepoint, giving her teammates plenty of time to move from one location to another where they feel safe.

Additionally, she can deploy a Teleporter to provide her and her teammates with high-ground or ambush support. Her Ultimate Photon Barrier can split the map in half, giving her allies plenty of time to regroup, reposition, and prepare for the next move. Since she has lower health and reduced mobility, she needs her teammate’s support to stay on the battlefield.

16. Echo

Echo Overwatch 2 DPS
Image Source: Blizzard

Echo is a flexible DPS in Overwatch 2. Since she has so much flexibility and versatility, she can fit into any team composition and help her teammates win the battle. She can stay with the tank to take down any site or make an ambush from the sky; she has it all.

For primary attacks, Echo uses Tri-Shot and Sticky Bombs to deal damage to her enemies. Both of these are hard-to-hit projectiles with greater damage rewards. However, she also has another damage-dealing ability called Focusing Beam. It channels a steady beam for a few seconds, dealing massive damage to enemies with less than half health.

She can use both Flight and Glide to take better positions, making her one of the best mobility DPS in the game. For her Ultimate, she becomes a Duplicate of the targeted enemy hero. This ability is pretty solid to counter specific enemy heroes.

17. Mei

Mei Overwatch 2 DPS
Image Source: Blizzard

Mei is suitable in situations where you need to hide or fall back from the enemy’s line of sight. She has a slowing effect on her Endothermic Blaster, giving her an advantage in most 1v1 fights. She is good at close combat, thanks to her Cryo Freeze ability.

Additionally, while holding any area or defending any objective, she can raise an Ice Wall that will take most of the enemy’s fire. For her Ultimate, she launches a weather control drone called Blizzard that freezes her enemies in a wide area.

Although she is really good in some categories, she lacks the Top DPS in her kits. However, she is an extremely fun character to play, and if you like her playstyle, she has some good benefits for you and your teammates.

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We are finally finished with the tier list. This is the ultimate tier list for all Overwatch 2 DPS Heroes. Remember that all Overwatch 2 characters are decent and relatively well-balanced compared to characters in other games. Each character is useful in specific situations. Nonetheless, certain Heroes excel in comparison to others.

Try them out in various maps and game settings to see which DPS Heroes match your playstyle. In addition, the tier list will be modified to reflect seasonal changes, updates, and meta. Follow this article for real-time updates on the Overwatch 2 DPS Hero tier list.

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