Overwatch 2: Best Souvenirs

You might want to know about the best souvenirs in Overwatch 2, and take note; they have better purposes than you can think.

After the massive success of its predecessor, the sequel is now here to provide gamers with a real storyline. There are revamps, new PvP content, and many more to explore. However, like its predecessor had all these cosmetic items, mods, and seasonal events along with introducing new heroes, the second installment is walking down the same path, more or less.

Talking about the additional items, Souvenirs are one of them. You can equip a variety of them to your character. Moreover, each of these souvenirs serves a different purpose in Overwatch 2. Scroll down to learn more about these items.

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What are Souvenirs in Overwatch 2?

Souvenirs are like collectibles, but at the same time, more than just some collectibles. These holographic collectibles have the purpose of serving even though, at first glance, they might seem nothing but pieces of junk to you.

You can use souvenirs to interact with other players in Overwatch 2. There is an emote wheel with the sole purpose of equipping these holographic items.

How to get Souvenirs?

In season 1, however, there are 10 souvenirs you can unlock in Overwatch 2. Of them, 5 is offered from the battle pass, and the other 5 are purchasable with 500 coins each.

  • Folded Crane (Premium BP tier 68)
  • GG
  • Heart
  • King’s Payload
  • Mechanical Brain (Premium BP tier 8)
  • Pineapple Pizza(Free BP tier 23)
  • Puzzle Cube (Premium BP tier 42)
  • Robo Thumb (Free BP tier 74)
  • Salty
  • Thumb

After you acquire souvenirs, now is the time to equip them and show-off them to other players. Follow the steps below:

  • Go to the Heroes Section
  • Select your Hero
  • Select the Collectibles option
  • Choose any of the souvenirs you have acquired

And there you go. Easy as the day.

Best Souvenirs in Overwatch 2

Now for the fun part. Below are the best souvenirs you can use with your characters in Overwatch 2:


For the veterans, Salty is really well-known. It’s mainly used for mockery than in a friendly way. All the veterans do is, slay their foes, bring out the Salt from their pockets, and mock the foe, showing them the Salt to put on their wounds. A total humiliation, I must say.


Ah yes, nothing but a true warrior showing respect and love after a fair fight. With this, you can show love to your teammates, especially the assisting characters and foes. Legend says love is sometimes a sign of taunting for the week. Who knows?


Nothing but a good Latte after a fair fight or a fight that seemed to turn off your mood totally. However, instead of Latte, GG also works. Devs felt cute and let us show GG in the fanciest way possible rather than in the blunt text medium. Whether it’s Get Good or Good Game, the foe or the teammate won’t ever feel embarrassed; that’s the power of GG.

There you go. Now you know all about the souvenirs in Overwatch 2. Cheers!

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