Overwatch 2: Best Heroes for Push Mode

You might want to know the best heroes to utilize in the Push mode of Overwatch 2.

After the immense success of its predecessor, needless to say, the sequel came with a banger. Since its release, it has captivated gamers, especially first-person shooter lovers. On top of that, the free-to-play idea of the Devs seems to stonk their popularity by several folds.

As we have already discussed the game modes here, we now know how these work. Of them, Push mode has been reported as one of the top most-played modes in Overwatch 2. On top of that, players are now looking for suitable heroes to win the battles tactically. With that in mind, we have tried to get together the best heroes for the Push mode in Overwatch 2.

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Push Mode

Push is one of the new game modes introduced in Overwatch 2. In this mode, you have to take control over a robot that gets activated after 30 seconds of the match round. After that, push the enemy barricade with the aid of that robot.

However, the foes are relentless. They might take control of the robot even at the end of the line. When that happens, the robot will go after their favor and begin to push the barricade to you. And note that the robot runs faster when the favored team is switched.

You will get 10 minutes to complete the match. However, if both teams cannot push the barricade to the end of the line, those who have made the furthest will be declared the winner of that round.

To conquer this mode, you need to clearly understand the players of each role, the Tank, the Damage, and the Support. Scroll down below to further learn about the best heroes from each position in Overwatch 2.

Best Tank Heroes for Push Mode

I would say any hero from the Tank class is fit for the Push mode. Well, that was not precise. Okay then. You would want and find Winston, Doomfist, or D.Va as the best fit for this role.

As discussed earlier, the Push mode focuses on time and possession. From that perspective, and if you want to finish the game on an early basis, both Winston and D.Va are the best choices. Both of them have received a massive change in their stats; needless to say; it has improved them in and out. If you want an alternative, Doomfist can easily take up that place.

Best Damage Heroes for Push Mode

It would be best if you had someone quick, with high mobility, and who can put a high impact in a minimal amount of time.

With these condition in mind, Sojourn will have to fill the place without a doubt. Her railgun can clear up the area in the shortest time possible. On top of that, her flanking abilities will be another advantage to push further in this mode.

However, as she cannot self-heal, you will have to look after her every now and then. So, watch out for those health packs. Moreover, you can even count on Tracer or Reaper. As the legend says, the Tank heroes will bring you the game. However, the Support heroes will give you the possession win in the game.

Best Support Heroes for Push Mode

We will be focusing primarily on healers that can heal up the whole team while taking care of themselves in the meantime. That will give you even the option to overheal.

Lucio, without a doubt, will be the first in line to fulfill each of these wishes. He can overheal the time while healing himself in the process. Needless to say, he is un-substitutable in the battle. However, you can even experiment with Mercy. Both of them have their own game going on. So, learning that will give you another pair of advantages.

This is all I had on the best heroes in Push mode. Prosst!

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