Overwatch 2: All Game Modes

You might want to know how your game modes can be in Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2, even though it feels like a big patch update rather than an actual sequel, is now here to provide gamers with a real storyline after the massive success of its predecessor. You will find revamps, new PvP content, and many more.

Moreover, as a free-to-play version, there are a total of 35 heroes to colorize your gameplay more than ever. And to talk about expanding your in-game experience, there are a lot of changes in the game modes in Overwatch 2. You will find matches for serious players to just-for-fun players.

Below, you will find the complete details of the game modes in Overwatch 2. Without further ado, hop in!

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Game Modes in Overwatch 2

You will find about five types of game modes in Overwatch 2:

  • Arcade
  • Assault
  • Competitive
  • Quick Play
  • Unranked

Under these 4 types, there are several game modes. However, the Assault mode is removed from the Quick Play and Competitive Rotation. For that, you might want to check the Custom Games option to play in Assault mode.

In Assault mode, you must capture Two points before the enemy does in a given period. However, you must capture one point at a time to proceed to the next one.

Now, let’s get a bit from the other game modes in Overwatch 2. Buckle up!

Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunter falls under the Arcade mode. You know how the arcade rules go; you and your mates chase after points to show down the match. In this mode, however, there will be a certain target for you to slay. In return, you will become the bounty yourself. Stressful, yet fun!

Keep raising your health bar and the ultimate meter until getting slayed. In the meantime, you can slay whomever you want to earn some overtime points in your stash. At the end of the day, it’s yours to grab!

Capture the Flag

In this Arcade mode, protect your flag from getting snatched away while doing the same thing against your opponent. This snatching and protecting game lasted for three consecutive victories. Snatch their flag, return to your base, and defend yours; how hard can it be?

And yes, you get the most flag from the neighbor’s house; you win without a doubt.


Control mode can be found under both Unranked and Competitive. In this mode, whoever controls the Midgard, rules the whole five kingdoms. However, as the game modes in the Overwatch 2 are slightly off the chart, you will have to hold your base for the longest amount of time than your foes. In the meantime, fill that Control meter; the round is yours.

You will see new maps in every round. All you have to do is have control for two rounds out of 3; you will take the chicken dinner home.

CTF Blitz

CTF Blitz is the same the Capture the Flag. The only difference is the pace of the game. This is a much faster-paced mode than the Capture the Flag mode. On top of that, you have to complete this mode with 6 of your foes’ flag. Beat that.


Deathmatch falls under both the Unranked and Arcade modes. This mode can be compared to a bloodbath. Eight players enter the arena to complete 20 kills. The one who gets 20 heads first takes the victory home.

Unable to fill the 20-kill meter, the player with the most kill after the time runs out will be declared the winner.


This Arcade mode is more like a knockout mode. You will not be able to re-spawn here. With that in mind, you finish the foes first, and you win. You will have three rounds to prove your worth.


Escort also falls under the Unranked and Competitive as Control does. Well, to talk about the name, I am about to write what you are exactly thinking. You move the System32 file to recycl…no! That’s another story.

You will be escorting a payload from Point A to Point B. On the way, the buggers will try to get control over your caravan, but you know what to do. Keep the payload safe and sound and transport it to the delivery point before the time runs out. However, there’s another catch.

You lose the round if you step a certain distance away from the payload. Moreover, in Competitive mode, the transporter team will switch places with the attacking team after each round. Competitive for a reason, they said; well said.


Hybrid is a combo of Assault and Escort. This is, however, quite a long haul. It’s like a fight between UberEats and Doordash. Both of them are fighting for your food package. The one who wins control over the food package first will have to deliver it to you after that. However, the losing team of the first round will be seeking revenge.

Like the Competitive mode in Escort, the attacker and the defending teams will switch their places after each round.

Limited Duel

You will be facing your foe in a one-on-one situation. You get a point after you put your foe to the ground. There will be three rounds to take home. However, you must win every round in this mode.

To choose characters, you can choose, but you cannot choose. Means there will be limited options to choose from to play a Duel.

Low Gravity

This Arcade mode will throw you into a random Unranked mode with a randomized map for each round. As the name suggests, you have to earn your victory in a low-gravity zone. However, this is a team play if you are thinking of having all the fun yourself.

Mystery Heroes

This game mode falls under the Unranked category. As the name suggests, you will have no clue about your destination or your characters. It’s like Roll Queue that will place you into one of the random modes in Overwatch 2.

No Limits

No Limits is an Arcade mode where you will be placed in a random Quick Play mode. However, the biggest catch is in your 5-member team; you can choose any characters at any amount. Say, maybe you are the Tracer, and I am the Widowmaker. Be the Tracer even five times if you fancy!


Push is one of the new game modes introduced in Overwatch 2. Quite like the Hybrid, you have to take control over a robot that gets activated after 30 seconds of the match round. After that, push the enemy barricade with the aid of that robot.

However, the foes are relentless. They might take control of the robot even at the end of the line. When that happens, the robot will go after their favor and will begin to push the barricade to you then. And note that the robot runs faster when the favored team is switched.

You will get 10 minutes to complete the match. However, if both teams cannot push the barricade to the end of the line, those who have pushed the furthest will be declared the winner of that round.

Team Deathmatch

Same as the Deathmatch, only you enter the battlefield with a team, with a task to complete a 30-kill meter. Unable to do so before the time runs out, the team with the most kill takes the chicken dinner.

These are all you must know about the game modes in Overwatch 2. Prosst!

Wait, there’s more to discover from Overwatch 2. You can learn how to unlock competitive modemute and report players, fix certain errors like account merging errortime out communicating with battle.net service error, and much more! Hang around!

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