Over 2,000 Activision Blizzard Employees Sign Petition Supporting Lawsuit

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Over two thousand of Activision Blizzard’s current and former employees have signed an open letter speaking in support of the ongoing Lawsuit filed by DFEH.

The open letter signed by Activision Blizzard employees speaks in support of the lawsuit filed by California’s Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH). To be more specific, the letter is a response to the company Executive’s reaction towards the incident.

The lawsuit which accused the company of sexual misconduct and under-compensation of female employees was slandered by Executive Sponsor Frances Townsend. In an email sent to the employees of Activision Blizzard, she called the lawsuit “meritless” and “irresponsible”. The letter starts off with addressing her response, stating:

“To the Leaders of Activision Blizzard,

We, the undersigned, agree that the statements from Activision Blizzard, Inc. and their legal counsel regarding the DFEH lawsuit, as well as the subsequent internal statement from Frances Townsend, are abhorrent and insulting to all that we believe our company should stand for. To put it clearly and unequivocally, our values as employees are not accurately reflected in the words and actions of our leadership.”

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Moreover, the letter also revealed that the employees have lost their trust in the organization’s ability to hold abusers accountable. Furthermore, the letter stated that without the leaders’ support, future victims will shy away from coming forward. In the letter, the employees expressed that the company’s leadership does not resonate with the employees’ values, and that change needs to come.

A Call for Townsend’s Resignation

In addition, the employees called for Frances Townsend to step down from her position at Activision Blizzard, and urged other executives to ensure a working space that does not discourage victims from coming forward.

“We call on Frances Townsend to stand by her word to step down as Executive Sponsor of the ABK Employee Women’s Network as a result of the damaging nature of her statement. We call on the executive leadership team to work with us on new and meaningful efforts that ensure employees — as well as our community — have a safe place to speak out and come forward.”

Ex-Blizzard President Also Responds

Mike Morhaime, who resigned from his position as Blizzard’s President in 2018, has also responded to the situation. In a letter shared on TwitLonger, he apologized to the employees for the part he played during his tenure as the company President. He stated:

“The fact that so many women were mistreated and were not supported means we let them down. In addition, we did not succeed in making it feel safe for people to tell their truth.”

He also stated:

“It is the responsibility of leadership to stamp out toxicity and harassment in any form, across all levels of the company. To the Blizzard women who experienced any of these things, I am extremely sorry that I failed you.”

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