Over 12 Million Players Participated in the Travis Scott Live Event

The First Fortnite x Travis Scott show took place this Friday. Later Fortnite stated that more than 12 mil players attended the Travis Scott event.

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The event was in the making for many months. Travis Scott himself praised epic games for a job well done.

The event started with the timer coming to an end over the beaches of sweaty sands. After the timer ended the astroworld started coming closer and suddenly a giant Travis Scott appeared and started performing his songs.

After sometime it turned into a surreal journey for the viewers as they were flung in the air, swam underwater and flew through space.

Players got to witness a crazy amount of visual effects. if you thought the marshmello event’s visual effects were good then you should see the Travis Scott event.

The marshmello event was the previous event arranged by Fortnite and it managed to pull 10 mil players.

But the Travis Scott event pulled more than 12 mil people in-game and many more watching live streams on different platforms. Which broke all previous records.

A lot of fortnite content crators and streamers congratulated the success of the event over on twitter.

Fortnite content creator ‘I Talk Fortnite’ Tweeted saying it was a fantastic event.

Another popular streamer ‘Pokimane’ had this to say.

Players also got to witness the old map for a few seconds during the event when they were flying over it.

Overall the event was a huge success. The amount of hype regarding this event was justified. It was a much-needed refreshment for Fortnite players around the world during these hard times.

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