OnePlus Owners Can Get The Fortnite ‘Bhangra Boogie’ Dance Emote For Free

OnePlus Phone owners can get their hands on an amazing dance emote in Fortnite right now for free before anyone else.

Epic Games has previously collaborated with a lot of phone companies. The Samsung Galaxy collaboration was one of the biggest of them all. In that collaboration People who bought Galaxy devices were given The Galaxy skin for free. That skin remains one of the most exclusive skins to date.

Oneplus has recently collaborated with Epic Games to bring their users a free dance emote in Fortnite to claim for free. OnePlus is also a mobile phone brand. It looks like Fortnite and mobile companies love to collaborate a lot.

OnePlus have previously collaborated with Fortnite. The 90 FPS mode for the mobile version of Fortnite is exclusive to OnePlus 8 devices. Now a new Bollywood inspired dance emote is also being given out to OnePlus users.

What OnePlus Models are Eligible for the Emote

OnePlus 3 or later model phones are eligible for the free emote. Owners of these phones can go to the OnePlus website right now and redeem a one time code and use it to obtain the emote. OnePlus owners can generate once code per phone.

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Closer Look at the Bhangra Boogie emote

Thanks to Lucas7Yoshi on Twitter we can get a closer look at the dance emote.

Is The Emote Exclusive for OnePlus Owners?

The Bhangra Boogie emote is exclusive for OnePlus users at the moment but it will probably be released for everyone in the item shop at a later date. OnePlus users can get the emote free for a limited time. So The emote might come to the item shop once the promotion ends.

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