One Mistake from Every Hero that Makes You Feel Stupid

It is hard to call anyone a perfect gamer because in the online gaming world nothing is certain. Everyone makes mistakes even pros who are dedicated to the game make mistakes as well.

But there’s always that one mistake with each hero that makes you feel like a complete stupid. The mistake that makes you realize getting flamed for.

Here are those mistakes from every hero

D.VA: Being out of position enough to be killed during your mech summoning animation.

Orisa: Fortifying over a gap that you would have been booped over if you hadn’t popped fortify.

Reinhardt: Shattering into a shield/missing the whole enemy team with shatter.

Roadhog: Hitting the hook when you need to reload.

Sigma: Kinetic Grasping and absorbing nothing (there’s just something about that anime power-up scream, followed by silence)

Winston: Getting booped off the map right after popping Primal Rage.

Wrecking Ball: Trying to grapple over a gap, starting from too far away, and losing all momentum by crashing into the opposite wall. That feeble swinging back and forth trying to get back onto solid ground is a solid 8 seconds where you’re desperately hoping no one sees you.

Zarya: Slipping and launching your grav 15 ft behind the enemy team.

Ashe: Tie: launching yourself off the map with coach gun/dying you your own dynamite DOT.

Bastion: Getting too cocky with your ult, getting picked, and the enemy team caps the point.

Doomfist: Mismanaging cooldowns and dying while slowly, weakly firing your fist gun.

Genji: “RYUJIN NO K-augh!” *dies*

Hanzo: whiffing all five storm arrows.

Junkrat: getting killed by the person in your trap.

McRee: “IT’S HIGH NO-Augh!” *dies*

Mei: Walling off your own teammate who gets picked/fucking up your teammates’ ult with your wall.

Pharah: “JUSTICE-augh!” *dies*

Reaper: “DIE, DI-oof!” *shield bashed*

Soldier 76: “I’VE GOT YOU IN MY SIGHTS” Literally no one is in your sights.

Sombra: Getting headshot during the Widow’s ult.

Symmetra: All three turrets getting destroyed in midair.

Torbjorn: Dead Torb Play of the Game brought to you by turret

Tracer: Recalling into a Hanzo headshot.

Widowmaker: Whiffing three-plus shot in a row.

Ana: Missing the sleep that would have saved your life.

Baptiste: “LIGHT THEM UP” right after your team just won the fight.

Briggite: Stop just short of stunning someone out of an ult, eating the whole ult with your face.

Lucio: Getting booped off the map mid-ult animation and diving into the void, waiting for a beat that never drops.

Mercy: Overshooting your Guardian Angel and slowly drifting off the map to your death.

Moira: Fading off the map.

Zenyatta: Taking a headshot while peeking to fire your charged shot.


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