One Lonely Outpost comes to Early Access in 2022

Stardew Valley like farming-sim, but in space, One Lonely Outpost hits Early Access in 2022.

Publisher Freedom Games showcased their new game One Lonely Outpost during its E3 showcase with a nice trailer. Furthermore, they also announced that their space RPG and farming-sim One Lonely Outpost will hit PC as an Early Access title in 2022. With a targeted release within the first quarter of the year.

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Being developed by Aurorian Studios. One Lonely Outpost is a life RPG or farming simulator. That looks heavily inspired by Stardew Valley. Likewise, players will grow and expand a barren alien planet in the depths of space into a thriving space colony. Through the genre’s popular mechanics like farming, mining, exploring and interacting, and socializing with other citizens. But One Lonely Outpost sets itself apart from other similar games by combining the serene vibe of farming, raising with science fiction and technology. Such as the ability to grow crops synthetically, raise mechanical cattle, etc. Players can work on their farm both synthetic or in the good ol’ natural ways, but each path results in different perks, abilities, and outcomes.

Players can also explore and discover puzzling ruins and dungeons as it reveals more about the land’s secrets and history. All in all, the game is a space version of Stardew Valley

Unlike other space-sims, One Lonely Outpost will focus on building and maintaining thriving and peaceful communities that give players a serene and relaxing experience. Additionally, the modern-retro fusion visuals of 8bit/pixel attract both nostalgic older and young gamers looking for some chill casual time.

Moreover, One Lonely Outpost can also be played co-op with up to 3 players. The game will be hitting Early Access on Steam in 2022. In addition to the full release later in the year for Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5.

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