Older Need for Speed games getting delisted from digital stores

Need for Speed Carbon, Shift, and a few more NFS games getting delisted from all digital stores. Including closure of online services.

EA will soon discontinue and remove several classic Need for Speed titles, from digital sales. EA Games community manager Max Myrus has broken this news in the Need for Speed subreddit.

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Furthermore, this means that players cannot purchase the following games from digital storefronts. Additionally, the in-game economy and all online services will soon shut down. Making the game only playable offline.

The Need for Speed games getting delisted are:
  • Carbon
  • Shift 
  • Shift 2: Unleashed
  • The Run
  •  Undercover

Although some of the games in this list have been the best of the racing genre. The games have become quite old. Hence, it is understandable since developers have to focus on more important and newer games. Especially, if it means that we are getting a new Need for Speed game. But the once legendary racing franchise has been lost to the shadows ever since the recent titles failed to capture gamers as it used to.

Nevertheless, it is still sad to see the games go away forever. An end of an era. For console owners, their only choice is now to look out for rare and probably priced-up physical copies. On the other hand, for the die-hard NFS fans, there are still 6 more modern games out there for you to enjoy. Such as Need for Speed Payback and Heat. Moreover, they are also on the EA Play subscription service.

A lot of new games are coming soon from EA, but we can’t tell if a new NFS is one of them. We have E3 coming soon. Hence, we can wait and see it for ourselves.

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