NVIDIA Announces RTX, DLSS, and NVIDIA Reflex Coming Soon to Fortnite

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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Credit: Epic Games/ NVIDIA

On September 1st we got to see the new NVIDIA GeForce live show that showed off the 2nd Generation of NVIDIA RTX graphics cards. We also got an announcement for RTX, DLSS, and NVIDIA Reflex coming to Fortnite.

According to some people, Fortnite has cartoony graphics. But sometimes the game can truly look beautiful if you have a high-end system and turn the graphics up. The amount of details in the game also sometimes astonishes me even with my lowest settings.

The popular battle royale Fortnite is going to look even more beautiful, feel more responsive with Ray Tracing, DLSS and NVIDIA Reflex getting added.

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Recently NVIDIA had a Livestream where they showed off their latest 2nd generation RTX graphics cards. We also got an announcement that RTX and DLSS support for Fortnite is soon on the way.

NVIDIA Geforce made the announcement on their Twitter. In the tweet, they did not say when RTX support for Fortnite was coming. Iy just says coming soon meaning that it may not be active yet but will be activated in the future.

In the trailer below we can immediately notice some differences with the skins and shadows and water reflections.

Fortnite RTX enabled

With the addition of RTX, we will be seeing ray-traced reflections, shadows, and ambient occlusions in Fortnite.

Ray Traced Reflections

Turning on Ray Tracing will enable highly realistic reflections on mirrors and water surfaces. Everything from mirrors to skins to car windows will look so much better with Ray Tracing enabled.

Fortnite RTX reflections
Credit: Epic Games/ NVIDIA

The left side of the image represents Fortnite with RTX off and the right side represents RTX on.

Ray Traced Shadows

With RTX enabled, shadows in Fortnite will get a significant upgrade. The shadows will be able to stretch and fade more realistically.

Fortnite RTX shadows
Credit: Epic Games/ NVIDIA

The left part represents RTX off and right part represents RTX on.

Ray Traced Ambient-occlusions

Ray Traced Ambient occlusions will help to create subtle shadows far more accurately. It will also help improve the fidelity of Fortnite.

Fortnite RTX Ambient occlusions
Credit: Epic games/ NVIDIA

The left part represents RTX off and right part represents RTX on.

Ray Traced Global Illumination

Almost all things in Fortnite can be destroyed by players. So Pre-baked lighting conditions cannot be made. Ray Traced Global Illumination will add real-time light bounces from different light sources.

Fortnite RTX global illumination
Credit: Epic Games/ NVIDIA

The left part represents RTX off and right part represents RTX on.


NVIDIA DLSS is a way for Geforce RTX GPU’s to get even faster performance. DLSS stands for Deep Learning Super Sampling. According to NVIDIA, it is an AI rendering technology that renders games twice as fast. The video below is NVIDIA’s explanation of what DLSS is.

YouTube video

Fortnite will soon be getting DLSS support which will make rendering player packed endgame competitive lobbies a lot easier.

Fortnite NVIDIA Reflex

NVIDIA Reflex is a technology that aims to reduce system latency. NVIDIA Reflex will monitor and optimize system latency to make Fortnite even faster.

YouTube video

So with all of these features coming soon, we can expect a Graphical improvement as well as an improvement in performance and responsiveness in Fortnite for systems with RTX NVIDIA cards.

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Nawshad Noor is a former Editor at GameRiv.