NUTURN Gaming defeats the Brazilian Juggernaut YNG Sharks with a 2-1 victory in the VCT Masters 2 Upper Bracket Quarter Finals

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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VCT Masters 2’s only representative from Korea, NUTURN Gaming, starts off their journey strong by defeating the Brazilian powerhouse YNG Sharks.

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After showing a dominating performance on Bind & Ascent, NUTURN will be moving to Upper Bracket Semi-Finals to face off against the winner of Version 1 or Team Liquid match. Nuturn’s astonishing performance against the YNG Sharks diminishes many arguments about the differences in the playstyle between these two regions. 

Interestingly, both teams followed the recently developed “Single Duelist” meta on Haven; fortunately for the Brazilian side, the executions were simply better. Earlier today, KRU Esport couldn’t produce any significant result against Fnatic with a “Zero Duellist” meta similar to Team Liquid. However, the match between NUTURN Gaming and YNG Sharks had different variables considering the aggressive playstyle of prozin & gaabxx. 


Haven( NUTURN Gaming 5 – 13 YNG Sharks )

Bind – (  NUTURN Gaming 13 – 5  YNG Sharks  )

Ascent(  NUTURN Gaming 13 – 5  YNG Sharks)

It appeared that the team chemistry among the Brazilian players was almost perfectly on point. As a result, they had little difficulty against NUTURN Gaming’s defensive setups or calculated aggression on Haven. YNG Shark’s utility combinations made the game difficult for Lakia, peri & solo.  

After securing the lead, YNG Sharks had a slow start on Bind. NUTURN Gaming adjusted pretty quickly and broke through the Brazilian defense with relative ease. In contrast, YNG Sharks even had difficulty reading NUTURN Gaming’s swift maneuvers on the entire map. Ultimately, the Koreans successfully pushed YNG Sharks to the decider map, Ascent.

Finally, NUTURN Gaming unleashed all of their strength and secured a comfortable win over YNG Sharks on Ascent. With a 9-0 opening on defense, NUTURN Gaming’s victory was all but inevitable. Later in the match, YNG Sharks did keep the possibility of a comeback alive, but NUTURN Gaming held their pace and concluded the series with a 2-1 victory.

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