NUTURN defeat Version1 2-1 in VCT Masters Iceland Upper bracket Semifinals

As VCT Masters Iceland continues, the best team in South Korea is going up against the 2nd best team in North America in the Upper bracket Semifinals.

NUTURN Gaming were the Champions of VCT Korea Stage 2 Challengers Finals. In the semifinals of the tournament, they knocked out Vision Strikers who were considered the best Valorant Team in the World. This shows that NUTURN definitely mean business and they are the sole representatives of the nation on the global stage.

Version1 were the Runner’s up in the VCT North America Stage 2 Challengers Finals. After the team reformation in April with wippie joining the team, they have gotten stronger. In that event, they knocked out Envy and Cloud9 to qualify for Masters Iceland. Now they face the best team in Korea to duke it for a spot in the Upper bracket Finals.

The first map was Haven where NUTURN showed utter dominance and quickly secured the match. The next map was Ascent where both teams were in a stalemate after the second half. In overtime, Version1 managed to come out in front and clinch the victory. The third map was Split as the decider map. Both teams had a double 6-6 scorelines on both halves and needed only one map to win. But NUTURN managed to prevail winning in overtime taking the map and the series.

Zellsis from Version1 stood out with the best performances with a +14 K/D and 140.52 ADR.

Mapwise scores:

NUTURN 13-3 Version1
NUTURN 13-15 Version1
NUTURN 14-12 Version1

After a hard-fought match going on overtime on two maps, NUTURN moves on to the upper bracket finals of VCT Masters Iceland.

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