NRG Flexinja reacts to the recent leaks about the price increases of agent abilities

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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Image: Riot Games

Some recent leaks from a trustworthy source indicate that massive alternations are coming to agent abilities prices.

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Professional VALORANT players & content creators are sharing their mixed feelings about the upcoming changes in VALORANT.  A series of leaks from Mike- Valorant Leaks & Info on Twitter clearly provided the community with a picture of what’s coming next. It’s safe to assume that players will definitely have to adjust to this huge update to keep up with the developing meta. 

Flexinja shares his thoughts

Infamous content creator Flexinja shared his opinion on the leaked information about ability prices. On Tweet, he said “with abilities in Valorant being more expensive, it’ll make playing the game a lot more enjoyable since it’s intended to promote gunplay rather than ability spam. very healthy change for the game imo! Thoughts?”

Later he also added “i’m interested to see how this plays out since i see a lot of people disagreeing with these changes. yes, abilities MAKE Valorant, but it’ll be nice to see people think about using utility more rather than spamming. could be wrong, but i’m excited to see a shift in the meta!”

Since the release of VALORANT, professional players from multiple regions came up with unique strategies for the game. While North America relied heavily on overwhelming firepower, European players focused on the strategical aspects of the game. Although, in Iceland, the North American team Sentinels came out as the dominant winner. 

Riot labelled VALORANT as a “tactical shooter”, but the room given to practice tactical shooting hasn’t been enough. Even during the Stage 2 Masters at Iceland, Tyson “Tenz” Ngo was making fun of the promises made by Riot Games CEO years ago by mimicking his words on Twitter.

In a Tactical shooter, abilities are supposed to supplement the core element of the game, shooting. However, VALORANT offers a huge inventory of abilities that are enough to provide an upper hand to less-tactical players. Many professional VALORANT players have been complaining about the previously-mentioned situation. Nonetheless, Episode 3 is scheduled to release on June 22nd; till then, we’ll have to wait to see the update and its effect in action.

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