NRG “aceu” thinks nobody will play Wraith in Apex Legends after the season 11 character joins the squad

Brandon “aceu” Winn is pretty well known within the Apex Legends community mostly for his flashy playstyle as a Wraith.

Back in 2019, when Respawn Entertainment decided to join the battle royale genre with Apex Legends, “aceu” was still an upcoming pro CSGO player. However, he immediately made a switch to playing Apex regularly after it exploded into the scene.

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Later, he was recruited by NRG to play in the pro Apex scene as a competitor. But what really made him stand out from the crowd of content creators was his insane movement while playing Wraith. Unsurprisingly, his over-the-top playstyle featuring wall jumps and ankle-breaking mechanics wowed players.

New-season 11 legend will replace Wraith!

In a recent live stream on twitch, he mentioned that the upcoming legend in season 11 will make Wraith really unpopular among the player base. This isn’t as big of a surprise since Wraith no longer stands at the top when it comes to pure win rate in the game.

Clip courtesy of NRG aceu

As “aceu” is a notable content creator within the Apex Legends scene, Respawn often gives influencers like him early access to upcoming characters for playtesting to get their feedback. So, there is a good chance that he has already played with the next unreleased legend.

According to aceu, Wraith will never be played once Respawn releases this new unannounced legend in the next season. This came as a shock to diehard Wraith fans. The Apex player base prefers legends that have any sort of movement-related abilities like Octane, Horizon, and Pathfinder.

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Following a massive rework back in season 5, she no longer sits at the top of the character pool in the game. Newer characters have taken her place. And if what “aceu” claims is correct then suffices to say that Wraith meta might finally die out soon.

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