Nora-Rengo coach Ar7hur quits Rainbow Six team, alleges unpaid salaries

Sadnan Nafis
By Sadnan Nafis
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Image: Ubisoft

Nora-Rengo’s Brazilian coach Ar7hur is leaving the Rainbow Six team, he announced yesterday in his TwitLonger post. Ar7hur claims that the Japanese Team, Nora-Rengo, hasn’t paid him since July.

Nora-Rengo has been a well-reputed organization in the Rainbow Six Siege esports scene. They are known for their energetic and aggressive plays, which makes them stand-out compared to the other teams in the scene.

However, recently things started to look worrisome for them. In August, Nora-Rengo’s owner, manager, and former coach Yasuhiro “kizoku” Nishi faced serious allegations of unpaid salaries and prize money. Other claims also state that kizoku snatched most of the Pilot Program money, and because of this scandal Nora-Rengo lost multiple sponsors for their team.

Due to all of this, Ar7hur stated that his salaries stopped coming, and now he is receiving no communication from kizoku.
“And All I get is more and more excuses. I’m basically in the dark about my future because Kizoku is ignoring my contract and basically disappeared,” stated Ar7hur.

“I love this game, I love working with the team but we all have obligations as adults and I can’t keep working for free and with zero support from the org.”

kizoku at SI ’19 (Image: SiegeGG)

Nora-Rengo has also been struggling in APAC North Stage 2, as they have only managed to win three matches and suffered 6 losses. They now have to face relegations and also do that while looking for a new coach.

Ar7hur, former coach of Ninjas in Pyjamas (NiP) is currently looking for a new team in any region. He can take the position of head coach, 2nd coach, and/or analyst; hopefully, he’ll be able to put his skills into action soon.

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