No Xbox Series X price reveal at the July event

Xbox Series X showcase will only feature games.

Recently, Microsoft finally came out of the shadows and announced the Xbox Series X showcase for next-gen games will be held on 23rdd July. Even though big names like Halo Infinite is confirmed to be shown and many more rumored such as Fable 4. The price of the Xbox Series X, that is supposed to run those will not be disclosed.

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Of course, breaking millions of gamer’s hearts a little. It seems we won’t be knowing the price of the Xbox Series X anytime soon. Fair move considering the price of PS5 is not public yet.

This news was teased by Niko Partners senior analyst Daniel Ahmad by a satirical tweet. Additionally, further confirmed by The Verge’s Tom Warren’s comment;  “just games”.

In conclusion, our hope to know the price of the coveted Xbox next-gen powerhouse is now in August at the GameSpot Opening Night Live 2020.

Nevertheless, Xbox Series X will still be released in Holiday 2020, along with the rumored Xbox Lockhart; A lower cost, lower-powered console for the economical gamers.

Right now, let’s just wait for the games that Microsoft has in store for us. Halo Infinite, please do not disappoint.

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