No Star Wars game will be announced at the upcoming EA Play

Breaking excited gamer’s hearts, No Star Wars games announcement will be seen in the next EA Play.

After EA and Disney’s game exclusivity deal ended. Multiple confirmations and rumors became widespread about several Star Wars games in development by different studios. In fact, EA itself is working on several Star Wars-related projects.

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Furthermore, after the immense success of Jedi: Fallen Order from EA fans kept patience for a sequel soon. But it is not happening anytime soon. As EA has announced that their next EA Play show won’t have any new Star Wars game announced. After getting a rare single-player gem that is Jedi: Fallen from EA after so many years, disappointed from fans is unsurprising.

EA posted this unfortunate news on their official Twitter. Although EA did lowkey confirm that they have multiple Star Wars games in development for the future. Additionally, as per an EA earnings call report, a Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 2 or at least a sequel is in the works.

Moreover, due to the adventure game’s success, EA confirmed that the game will be turned into a completely new franchise. Hence, be sure to see multiple Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order games in the future. Even if we don’t see any Star Wars-related announcement in EA Play.

On the other hand, Dragon Age 4 will also not be present at this upcoming live virtual show. EA is currently focusing on Battlefield 2042, which also looks nothing short of classic BF action. Consequently, EA Play 2021 will probably be more centered around Battlefield 2042 rather than anything else. Although we will soon see it for ourselves when EA Play begins on July 22.

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