Nintendo Switch Pro releasing this year, according to insider

Nintendo Switch Pro releasing this year according to prominent industry insider. Furthermore, it is said to support 4k.

For some time, there were strong rumors and ‘leaks’ on different forums about a Nintendo Switch Pro version coming soon. Like any other mid-generation entry, this Switch Pro will boast greater power, hardware. Including Switch Pro 4k support.

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Recently, industry insider,  Nate Drake has expressed full confidence about a new revision of Nintendo’s successful Switch console. Additionally, he mentions that the Nintendo Switch Pro is releasing this year,2021 and fans will hear some news very soon.

Furthermore, Nate has also said that he is “100% confident that the Nintendo Switch Pro will support up to 4k resolutions. Using Nvidia’s DLSS 2.0. This news was posted by him on the public forum of ResetEra.

Xbox and PlayStation’s next-gen consoles led to speculation of imminent hardware upgrade of the Nintendo Switch. At a point when the rumors were at their highest, Nintendo of America Head, Doug Bowser shot it all down. Disappointing some fans but not all were convinced.

As data miners had found out mentions of a Realtek chip on the newest Switch firmware updates. These chips can be used to output 4k resolutions. Although gamers have virtually nothing to rely on except these, Nate’s words matched quite nicely with data miner’s info. Hence, no one’s losing hope yet. The chances of a Switch Pro with 4k capabilities are huge.

The Nintendo Switch has some beautiful-looking games in its library such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild, Octopath Traveller, and much more. All these games deserve the 4k facelift.

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