Nintendo Switch OLED Model announced for October 8 release

Nintendo Switch is releasing a brand new OLED Model, which will feature a 7-inch OLED Screen, adjustable stand, and more.

There were plenty of rumors surrounding Nintendo Switch getting an OLED Screen upgrade with 4K functionality. Today, Nintendo has announced the brand new OLED Model of their Nintendo Switch. However, unlike the rumors suggested, it will not be supporting 4K visuals.

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OLED Screen, Adjustable Stand, LAN Port

Now, let’s dive deeper into what the console does have to offer. Nintendo has described their latest version of the Nintendo Switch console to have a vibrant 7-inch OLED screen that will provide crisp contrast and vivid colors.

Moreover, the latest version of the Switch console will now come with an adjustable stand. This will allow players to position their screens in a Tabletop mode. Furthermore, multiple adjustment options will be available for players’ convenience and preference.

In addition to having an impressive screen and adjustment abilities, the OLED model will also feature a built-in LAN port for internet connectivity. This means that players will be able to directly connect their internet to the system when gaming on TV instead of relying on a weak WiFi connection.

Furthermore, the latest OLED model will have an impressive internal storage capacity of 64 GB. This is an upgrade from the current internal storage capacity of 32 GB. Not only that but the system’s onboard speakers have also been enhanced.

Finally, unlike the base model of Nintendo Switch, the OLED model will feature three modes. They are: Handheld mode, TableTop mode, and TV mode. The console will be available for purchase on October 8, 2021. The OLED model will feature a white dock, white Joy-Cons, and a black console. The price has been set at $349.99 MSRP.

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