Nintendo Switch dominates console market in Japan

Nintendo sold 87% of its Nintendo Switch consoles in Japan last year.

Nintendo company has dominated the console market in Japan in 2020. The demand for the Nintendo Switch consoles was over the roof last year in Japan. Japan contributed to 87% of the sales worldwide of the hybrid console in 2020. With so much buzz around the console, some leaks also suggested they may release a pro version of it.

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Around 6 million Nintendo Switch consoles were sold in 2020, and Japan accounts for 87% of that number. You can imagine seeing the numbers, the demand for the console in Land of the Rising Sun. The numbers increased by 30% since 2019, grabbing yet another milestone in this competitive gaming world.

Nintendo Switch sold around 3.9 million, while the lite version sold around 2 million. These numbers even knocked over the high and mighty PS4, which sold 543,000 units last year. It is the 4th year that Nintendo Switch has dominated the console market in Japan.

The Nintendo Switch games sales skyrocketed as well, just as expected. Animal Crossing: New horizons took over the physical sold copies market with over 6.3 million sold. It stayed on the top spot in charts for straight six months.

In conclusion, Japan, and Nintendo, together are overkill in every way possible. Adding to leaks of a new version of the Switch coming, will it set a new bar in the console wars?

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