Nintendo shuts down Nintendo Labo homepage

Nintendo has quietly shutdown their Labo homepage, after it failed to grab success.

Nintendo always innovated the gaming industry. Some being popular and successful, while more unorthodox ones being slowly lost with time. Nintendo Labo is an example of the latter one. Announced in April of 2018. Nintendo Labo offered a different gaming experience especially aimed at children. Combining cardboard kits with the Switch console to play a wide range of dedicated games. It offered racing games, fighting games, etc. Even musical games. All aimed at children.

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Although sounds like an interesting concept, it failed to get a market. Hence, saw poor sales. According to reports, the first year saw a measly million Nintendo Labo sold. Whereas Nintendo games sell over millions in days.

Consequently, after 3 years, it seems Nintendo will be discontinuing Labo kits. Speculated because Nintendo has quietly shut down their Labo homepage. This means they will soon stop supporting Labo altogether.

As of now, Nintendo did not reveal any official news. Instead, this closure was first posted on Twitter by user Akfamilyhome. Moreover, he pointed out that the North American Labo site now redirects to the Labo VR kit store page.

When the Nintendo Labo was first announced, the whole thing felt gimmicky, nevertheless, the concept was very innovative and had potential. Only if Nintendo focused on it more. Maybe Labo would have been a hit among kids and for family games.

But Nintendo will hardly notice the loss of Labo. As their Switch, and its games have been breaking records on the daily. Even after the arrival of next-gen consoles and their games. Nintendo Switch has been consistently on the top of sales charts. Including their signature games. Such as Super Smash Bros. and Animal Crossing.

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