Nintendo Hacker faces possible Jail time after FBI stepped in with the investigation

Nintendo hacker sees possible jail time

A repeated offender Ryan Hernandez, from Palmdale, California, used a phishing scam to infiltrate inside Nintendo’s official server. He might face possible jail time as the FBI stepped in.

Paired that with the fact that the FBI found underage sexual assault images on his computer has him looking at a possible prison sentence. Even though his sentence has not been formally set yet, he might be looking at a maximum of three years in prison.

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Back in 2016, he was charged for the phishing scam as he was just a minor he was let go with only a warning. The FBI even got his parents involved. He even promised to not any mistake after that incident.

This person had the bright idea to hack Nintendo once more in 2019. Not only that he even boasted about his achievement to the world. It was no surprise that the FBI finally caught him.

He has pleaded guilty to these charges. He has agreed to pay $258k to Nintendo for their damages. After all this shenanigan he might finally see possible jailtime.

Nintendo has always been very strict with any attack toward its hard or ant online services. He is now registered as a convict. At the moment he is the epitome of do stupid things win stupid prices.

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