Nintendo announces New Pokemon Snap

As part of their 25th-anniversary celebration spree, Nintendo announces New Pokemon Snap. Coming in mid-2021.

Sequel to the classic Pokemon Snap game, for the N64. Players are finally getting a sequel with New Pokemon Snap after 22 years. Furthermore, Nintendo has also announced that New Pokemon Snap will be releasing on the Switch on April 30th.

Players will travel through the Lental region as a learning photographer and work with Professor Mirror, and his assistant Rita. Furthermore, just like the original game, players will have to capture interesting and rare photos of Pokemons in the wild. Doing all sorts of poses and stuff.

The game will play like an on-rail shooter as you travel through beautiful locales in your NEO-ONE, and shoot pictures of different Pokemons. Moreover, you can use Fluffruit to attract them towards you.

New Pokemon Snap Credit: Nintendo

At the end of every stage, your captures will be reviewed and scored. In turn, helping you to unravel more mysteries and behavior of the wild and wonderful Pocket Monsters.

Eventually, your main goal will be to fill out your Photodex and help your professor in researching a new phenomenon called the  Illumina Phenomenon.

New Pokemon Snap will cater to old Pokemon and Nintendo fans with nostalgia, in addition to new gamers with a fresh approach to Pokemon games. The game will look and play beautifully and allow players to learn in-depth about Pokemons and their lives.

Apart from this, be sure to hear more exciting announcements from Nintendo as they celebrate 25 years of Pokemon. Especially there are strong rumors of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl coming to the Switch.

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